Frederick leaves football board

David Frederick has left the Cayman Islands Football Association executive board. 

The former vice president of the football association declined to seek re-election at last weekend’s annual general meeting. It is not clear what role, if any, Frederick will have with local football going forward. 

A statement released by the football association detailed what happened at the meeting. 

“David Frederick declined to be nominated as the first vice president for the next two years leaving that slot to be filled at a later date due to the fact that his decision was impromptu,” the statement read. 

The new executive body is Jeffrey Webb as president, Peter Campbell as vice president, Bruce Blake as general secretary, Mark Campbell as assistant general secretary, Paul Macey as deputy general secretary, Canover Watson as treasurer, Mark Scotland as chairman of Youth Committee, Livingston Bailey as chairman of the Referees Committee and Sue Green as chairperson of the Women’s Committee. 

Frederick is under investigation by football’s international governing body. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association ethics committee is looking into whether Frederick and 15 other Caribbean football officials breached ethics rules in the wake of the bribery scandal that saw Mohamed Bin Hammam banned for life.  

Bin Hammam allegedly offered cash bribes to Caribbean football association officials in exchange for votes in his bid to be FIFA president.  

Frederick released a brief statement earlier this week which addressed the matter.  

“I … am aware of the recent developments with the ongoing FIFA ethics investigation. I will continue to cooperate fully with FIFA in its investigation in bringing this matter to a satisfactory resolution.” 

FIFA’s case was built on whistle blowers’ evidence from Cayman along with the Bahamas, Bermuda and Turks and Caicos Islands. According to the Associated Press, all 16 individuals implicated were offered brown envelopes stuffed with $100 bills.  

Witnesses said former FIFA Vice President and head of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football Jack Warner said he had advised bin Hammam to bring the cash equivalent of any proposed gift.  

Warner, an elected member of the Trinidad and Tobago parliament, resigned from all of his positions in international football in June after being investigated for ethics violations.  

Officials from Puerto Rico, Suriname, Aruba, Curacao and Grenada have cooperated with the FIFA investigation by confirming they were offered $40,000 payments. A 10th Caribbean Football Union member, Cuba, did not attend the conference in Port of Spain, Trinidad.  

Prior to Mr. Frederick’s resignation, Cayman’s football association also released a statement about Frederick’s involvement in the scandal.  

“The football association is aware of the recent developments with the ongoing FIFA investigation into the Caribbean Football Union meeting on 10 and 11 May, 2011. The association is taking this matter very seriously and will continue to cooperate fully with the FIFA ethics committee in their investigation. We would like to stress at this time that David Frederick has not been suspended nor has he been charged with any wrongdoing and has offered his full cooperation to FIFA in their investigation.”  


Mr. Frederick


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  1. bringiton

    You truly have no clue about what you’re saying…

    Can’t really blame you; if you’re as caught up in the spiders web that CIFA has spun for the lovers of football in the Cayman Islands over the last 20 years, as most lovers of the game are, in Cayman.

    This is a real pity and blight on the game but the Cayman Islands left the real football fold a long time ago.

    On that particular night in 1992, football in the Cayman Islands died an untimely death.

    If you knew me personally, you and CIFA and whoever else that is involved in football in the Cayman Islands would know for sure…I know.

    I hope that CIFA’s president reads these comments because, for sure, he knows who has written them.

    Some of Cayman’s best players have always been bigger and more moral than CIFA where the game of football is concerned.

    I just happen to be one of them; sorry you’ve been so brainwashed by those in charge of CIFA.

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