Crazy advice for marathon running

James Murray is training to run 100 miles around Grand Cayman in November as part of his “A Crazy Idea” campaign. He hopes to get Cayman running also and is joining forces with the Caymanian Compass each week to provide training tips for those who want to move outside their comfort zone and attempt to complete their first half marathon (13.1 miles).”

Before we go any further, we would first like to advise everyone following our programme to consult a physician before starting the fitness routine. Your health is of the utmost importance and not to be neglected.

Regular exercise can help control blood glucose levels and body weight. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as strengthen bones and muscles, and even though moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking, is safe for most people, health experts suggest that you talk to your doctor before you start any exercise programme.

A typical training programme for this distance is approximately 12 weeks or 84 days. Thankfully you have time on your side as you stride towards the 3 December event.

By starting now, you can build a solid fitness base and have your body well prepared for the event. So here we go.

Week 1:

For walkers, I ask that you try to walk with purpose. Keep your head up, chest out and arms engaged for balance, not momentum, (i.e. your arms should be bent at 90 degrees and you should not over swing).

For beginning runners, the sessions are based on using the run/walk technique. Coach Lisa uses it for my weekly schedules and I’ve experienced vast improvements in my cardiovascular fitness as a result.

Each session will begin with 10 minutes of brisk walking or “walking with purpose”, as I like to call it, followed by intervals of running and walking which will be displayed as 1/4 in the accompanying table.

In this case that would mean run for 1 minute followed by 4 minutes of walking with purpose. The session will then finish with 5 minutes of walking to cool down.

Until next week, don’t stop running!

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