Grandma ‘Meddie’ back in Cayman

Gas station worker recovering after shooting

A Bodden Town petrol station worker who was shot in the street last month as she left work is now back in Cayman after receiving treatment for her wounds at a Miami hospital.  

Medsadie “Meddie” Connor, 57, was airlifted to Miami in late July a couple of weeks after she was shot in a robbery across the street from Lorna’s Texaco where she has worked for the last 15 years.  

Mrs. Connor was shot in the shoulder and the knee by a suspect who took her handbag before running off, police said. A suspected getaway vehicle was spotted leaving the scene after the late-night attack, but police have never reported finding the vehicle.  

Officers said it appeared the shooter waited in the bushes across the street from the gas station to ambush Mrs. Connor, thinking she was carrying the business takings from the night with her. 

The bullet that pierced Mrs. Connor’s shoulder went through cleanly. However, the bullet that struck her leg broke her knee, forcing the mother of two and grandmother of six to undergo multiple surgeries and rehabilitative efforts.  

She arrived back home in early August, according to her daughters, but will have quite a ways to go before returning to work or a normal life. 

“She can’t even walk for another month,” said Lorna’s Texaco gas station owner Osbourne Bodden. “Work is a long way away, it will be up to her and we will support her decision. We’ll certainly welcome her back anytime.”  

For now, Mrs. Connor’s family said she is in generally good spirits but she cries from time to time about what happened and obviously has been left shaken.  

Police and local business owners have combined to offer a $40,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects responsible for the 13 July shooting. RCIPS officers believe two men were involved in the incident, although there was only one shooter.  

Mrs. Connor’s shooting was the second to occur within the past month during a robbery scenario outside a local business. The first happened on 29 June when Cayman Islands Brewery worker Kemar Golding was shot in the eye while emptying trash outside a Red Bay jerk chicken stand. Mr. Golding did not have any money on him, so the suspects came away with nothing. Mr. Golding lost his left eye in the shooting, but he did survive.  

Police Commissioner David Baines said the types of crimes that left Mr. Golding and Mrs. Connor with such major injuries are usually crimes of opportunity.  

At press time, investigators had made no arrests in connection with either shooting.  

“It is a worrying escalation,” Mr. Baines said. “Shooting a young man in the eye when he has no money or a 57-year-old woman for a small sum of personal cash – is that what Cayman has become?  

“While we cannot definitively link the two incidents, the blasé manner in which people were shot, combined with the time and the modus operandi of the crimes, suggest that they may be linked.” 


Mrs. Connor

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  1. Once again this crime reveals the depraved mentality of the perpetrators. These thugs are wicked and ruthless, without regard whatsoever for human life. And as such, should be dealt with to the absolute fullest extent of the law, and then some.

    Thank God Mrs. Connor survived. It is obvious that her injuries will be very inconvenient and problematic for the rest of her life. The same goes for Kemar Golding who was senselessly shot in the eye.

    The intent of these criminals is to rob their victims. No decent law-abiding person would even think of condoning robbery in anyway, shape or form. However, why doesn’t these thugs just take the money without actually shooting their victim, who in most cases are not armed and offer little or no resistance? I just don’t get it!

    My concern, sympathy and prayers are with these victims. May God have mercy on us.