Kerran case ‘like a murder investigation’


More than three weeks have passed since a nurse went missing from her Bodden Town home and police admit they have slim hope of achieving a happy end in the Kerran Baker case.  

Ms Baker, 25, of Jamaica, was last seen the night of 30 July, leaving the airport Fosters grocery store. She was reported missing about 24 hours later when a friend entered her Bodden Town home and found full bags of groceries lying open on the counter.  

“We’ve had nothing concrete to say somebody has done this to her, or somebody has done that to her,” said Royal Cayman Islands Police Chief Superintendent John Jones. “But by virtue of the fact that she’s been missing … three weeks now, we fear the worst. “We fear that something criminal may have occurred and we’ve approached this investigation with that possibility right from day one. We’ve applied the disciplines in this investigation that we would to a murder investigation.”  

Ms Baker has not been seen or heard from since around 7pm on 30 July. Police found her abandoned vehicle in the Pedro St. James Castle area on 1 August as well as a set of keys that fit the vehicle nearby. The car and other evidence found in the area are still being tested, Mr. Jones said.  

Numerous reports of Ms Baker sightings after the evening of 30 July have not been confirmed. Officers have not found her phone.  

Police spent the past weekend tracking down individuals who they believe had cell phone or BlackBerry instant messaging contact with Ms Baker around the time she disappeared – particularly if they might have contacted her after 7pm on 30 July.

Mr. Jones said investigators spent a significant amount of time tracking down these people, particularly since none had come forward voluntarily to discuss the content of any BBM messages sent to Ms Baker despite repeated appeals to the local media asking them to do so. “It’s not as simple and straightforward … as [having] a contact list,” he said. “A lot of the information is from technical means, but we’ve also managed to glean information from a number of witnesses that we’ve spoken to. 

“I don’t think there’s anything sinister in terms of what we’re trying to find out. We’re trying to ascertain a level of detail … what was said by persons that last communicated with her.”  

Mr. Jones said Monday that police contacted everyone who had instant messaged Ms Baker in the days before her disappearance, but he said nothing sinister had come of it.

“Had we not got to the bottom of all the BBM contacts with her, question marks would have remained,” he said.  


Odd clues 

Mr. Jones said the investigation into Ms Baker’s disappearance was still extremely active and that more than a dozen officers were still working the case.  

“This enquiry hasn’t gone stale by any means,” he said.  

He also noted that a large number of people have come forward and spoken to police, offering their assistance in the case – even if it is not always the most orthodox of advice. 

“You do get people that contact you, with the best will in the world, to say ‘I’ve had a vision’,” Mr. Jones said. “And I appreciate those people are keen to offer anything they can.”  

The chief superintendent also acknowledged investigators have received quite a bit of job advice during their search for Ms Baker.  

“There always some arm-chair detectives saying ‘yeah, try this’,” he said. “We do get some rather bizarre suggestions, and I know that these people are well-meaning.”  


Anyone with information on this case if asked to call 949-7777 or Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-8477 (TIPS). 


Ms Baker


  1. Like a murder investigation? Really? What was your first clue? Seems like the RCIP needs to watch some more cops shows on the tele. I could have told them that three days after she was missing.

  2. re they going to wait to raise hell only when they snatch one of their relatives? Wake up Alden, Arden, Ezzard, your fight for Safety in the cayman Islands is very much needed in this hour.
    this is a very unsafe society. I have friends that have
    vacationed in Cayman every year.they have two teen age twin girls and they swore that as long as the Cayman Islands have a dysfunctional and incompetent RCIP they will find other tourist destinations. Its not worth it they say. So what does that tell you.

    Beachbum time out for your defending something that is dysfunctional and incompetent to the bone.

  3. I do not understand why the FBI wasn’t called in on this case. Our RCIPS are not forensics experts — and where a murder is suspected then they need to call in experts from the USA. Forensics is a highly specialized field. There is no shame in asking for help.
    This is the 2nd woman in a short time to disappear without a trace.
    In any case, The sooner they get the FBI in here, or forensics experts from Miami, the better. Evidence is getting cold.

  4. Look back on the very first comments on this case and see where the questions have been asked and suggestions made…from Day 1.

    Our good friend, the Beachbum made sure to assure us that the investigation (into a missing person) was in good hands and that no help was needed by this competent, ex-West Midlands crime investigator.

    Three weeks have passed now and this investigation is just now taking the direction of a missing person/murder investigation.

    Heavens knows, this poor girl deserved more than this.

    Good people, my sound advice is to access all avenues of top-class self-protection/defense training; invite the best teachers for self-defense seminars, as I did for a number of years in Cayman, and don’t ever leave your safety in the hands of other people…

    Especially the RCIPS !

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