Country must take care of people

I refer to Mr. Emile Levy’s piece in the paper titled ‘Re-examine the retirement age’, with which I agree 100 per cent.

There are many people in their late 50s-plus who not only have to work, but are willing and capable to do so. Yet our government has put us in the position that once we turn 60-62, we are being forced out of the workplace and find it almost impossible to get a job. It is laughable that our leaders, who are so concerned about the image that we are making outside of these Islands, would then, as Mr. Levy so eloquently put it, place the people of this age group ‘on the shelf like a piece of old furniture’. What image do they think this is giving to other countries that are now encouraging people to re-think retirement at 65 and work for at least another five years if they are healthy enough to do so? If a country does not care for its own people, it can build docks, roads and anything else that it cares to do to encourage foreign investors, etc. However, that country in the end will not prosper. Some of our leaders spend hours each work at church and yet have no empathy for their own people. We are not asking for handouts, only the chance to keep caring for ourselves and being independent. Where can we turn to if we cannot work?

As Mr. Levy has said, we must do more to live better, for our future depends on it. However, our government leaders must take responsibility for their actions and must know that at the end of the day a country that does not care for its own people (especially its young and elderly ), will certainly not earn the favour of God; and we can only hope that we have not come so far, in our minds, that we think we do not need Him because time takes care of some things, but God takes care of everything!

Patsy Bodden

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