Wild night outside hospital

According to Chrissie Tomlinson
Hospital owner Dr. Steve Tomlinson, several criminal incidents occurred
around his hospital’s George Town property between Wednesday night and early
Thursday morning.  

The incidents, some of which were
apparently not reported to police, included a man trying to set a fire, what
was initially described as an attack on a hospital patient’s husband,
and two break-ins at stores near the hospital.  

“We never had problems like this
before,” Mr. Tomlinson said. “It seems to me they move from one area
to another [referring to the criminal element].”  

At press time, Royal Cayman Islands Police
were still trying to confirm details on some of the incidents. Officers did
confirm a break-in at the Sprint Express Services building on Walkers
Road at around 2.15am. The second break-in at the neighbouring
furniture store wasn’t reported until 7am.  

Nothing was taken from either Sprint or
Tomlinson’s Furniture.  

Police could also
not immediately confirm what happened to the man, who Mr. Tomlinson
said was walking across the road from the nearby Esso gas station back to the

“The hospital is calling the police
now to report these incidents,” he said.  

Officers later confirmed an incident
took place around 9pm in the area of the hospital. It had been reported on
Wednesday night that two suspects tried to rob a man walking across the
street. However, it was later determined that no attack or robbery had occurred
and that the man simply reported two suspicious males in the area.

Mr. Tomlinson said a security guard on the
hospital property reported two men in an area between a building on Middle Road
the hospital rents and a nearby church Wednesday night. The guard reported
that one of the men had some gasoline he was apparently trying to use to set a
fire. When the guard arrived on scene, Mr. Tomlinson said he was told
that the two men used soil to put out the blaze.  

Police could not confirm any
reports of the fire-setting.  




Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital


  1. Walkers Road area is notorious for crimes like these. Two years ago a friend lived in a house on Keturah Street and his house was burgled 3 times within a 6 month period, and as usual the RCIP was clueless against petty crime back then. Now two years later we see an increase gun-related violence/crime.

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