The truth shall set you all free

In the Scriptures it is written that we are to give honour to whom honour is due. In about 1997 I visited the Darts’ nursery. I met the manager and he drove me around the place showing me all the plants that they had and he explained to me that their intention was not to sell the plants because the owners were planning on using the plants themselves in what was to become Caymana Bay.

So here we are 14 years later with a beautiful development for every Caymanian to enjoy. I want to refresh my Caymanians to things that they have forgotten. How many developers that came to the Island gave us what the Darts have given us? When have the Darts ever started a development and expected the Cayman Islands Government to pay for it? Don’t they always use their own money?

Do I have it right that the old Marriott Courtyard was Caymanian owned? Why wasn’t there a march for Caymanians to help renovate that building. Where in history have the moneyed people in the Cayman Islands ever put their money together and done anything good for the Cayman Islands to keep the foreigners from having to do it? You church people, if you were into Christ and His word was in you, you would know that you are the solution to the problems in the Islands. It is so strange that Jesus Christ wants a relationship kingdom but instead you all have a membership only kingdom. This is the reason that I rebelled against your man-made traditions and did not join any organised member-only church. You keep on having revivals and nothing changes. You have not furthered the kingdom of memship-only; why don’t you all get together and have a repentance revival instead, because that is what you all need to do.

Who put you in the Cayman Islands? Was it Mr. Bush, the opposition, or God almighty? When Jesus was born, did the angels say that Jesus was going to be on the governments’ shoulders or government was going to be on His shoulders? Why are you leaving the government to supply your needs and not Christ Jesus as the Scriptures say that He would? I know that we don’t have anybody to teach us scriptures the way that they ought to be taught because you are all ignoring what Jesus said; that he would send us the real teacher, the counsellor and the spirit of truth and he would teach us all things concerning Jesus. It does not matter how many degrees we have or which college we went to because it is only the spirit of truth that can teach us about the truth. Was it not Jesus who said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”?

Velma Herod


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