Pageant shows world to be understanding

Among the many people moving to Cayman over two decades ago, were two close friends of mine – Jeff Japal, as the Tradewinds keyboardist, and Henry Muttoo as the new director at the Cultural Foundaion. This past week, two of the children from those two families – Lindsay Japal and Janelle Muttoo – finished first and second respectively in the Miss Cayman competition.

The achievements of your offspring often pull more at your heart strings than your own successes, and I know that these families are full of pride today and enjoying the congratulations.

But there is a less obvious, but probably more important aspect to this competition result, in that it demonstrates that the people of Cayman, have matured in their attitude to people who come to live in their midst. There are many countries in this ever smaller world struggling with this issue of migrant populations, many of them being developed countries, where the problem remains thorny, and just this week, in UN deliberations, we are seeing exactly how thorny. That a tiny country like Cayman is showing the tolerance that many others lack, is a heartening sign.

So certainly congratulations to Lindsay and Janelle, but a big hand, too, for the people of Cayman.

I am living in Guyana, but there is still some Caymanian marl in my shoes, and I send unna a hearty big-up. Well done!

Dave Martins

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