Central Planning 
Authority approvals

The Central Planning Authority approved a number of projects during its meetings held 31 August and 14 September, subject to various requirements stipulated by the Authority.

Here are some of the most significant proposals the Authority approved:

Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing: Youth Remand Facility, 400-gallon fuel tank and 15-foot-high security fence

Cost: $8 million

Building area: 21,051 square feet

Parcel area: 30.5 acres

Location: Adjacent to Women’s Prison, off Fairbanks Road

Platinum Corporation: Four-storey commercial office development

Cost: $4 million

Building area: 19,135.8 square feet

Parcel area: 15,246 square feet

Location: On Elgin Avenue, across from the Police Station in central George Town

Lenard Ebanks: 30 one-bedroom apartments (seven apartment buildings)

Cost: $2.755 million

Building area: 28,900 square feet

Parcel area: 1.96 acres

Location: Crewe Road and Our Haven Way, George Town, adjacent to Every Bloomin Thing

Chelverton Investments: Two-story development, with 11 ground-floor vehicle garage units and 21 second-storey storage units, five-foot-high concrete wall and a sign on the building

Cost: $700,000

Building area: 5,920 square feet

Parcel area: 5.67 acres

Location: Seven Mile Beach area, West Bay Road, next to Coldwell Banker Property Management, across from The Great House Condominium

Oxford Learning Center: Change-of-use of four-unit apartment building into a daycare and preschool

Cost: $595,500

Building area: 5,955 square feet

Parcel area: 2.168 acres

Location: Old Crewe Road

DMS: Placement of three digital signs

Cost: $175,000

Location: Roundabout by Grand Harbour

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