Burglars ‘wiped out’ everything

The Ford family came back to their West Bay area town home Monday afternoon to find thousands of dollars in merchandise at the least had been taken by burglars who broke in sometime during the day.

The raiders even took the meat from the freezer.

Sheila Ford, who has lived on the Islands for most of the past decade, said she couldn’t put a price tag on everything that was taken. She was still searching through the North West Town Homes unit Tuesday discovering certain things had gone missing.

A television, a telescope, a GPS locator device, some binoculars, even the contents of the liquor cabinet were cleaned out during the break in at the town home complex on North West Point Road.

“The just about wiped out everything electronics wise,” Mrs. Ford said. “They took the meat from the freezer.”

Mrs. Ford said her husband came home around 4.30pm Thursday, but was out in the garden and didn’t notice anything had gone missing until he went back into the house a bit later on.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said the break-in was reported to officers around 5.20pm.

“It’s just horrible, you feel violated,” Mrs. Ford said.

Police said there were no other burglaries reported along the North West Point Road corridor on Monday, but the Fords said neighbours in the complex noted screens to doors had been “tampered with”. No other break-ins occurred in the complex, officers said.


  1. Gone are those wonderful days when we never even had LOCKS on the doors to our houses. It is a very great shame the way this island has changed so much-so quickly. Whatever happened ? !!

  2. I regularly read the Compass, I also read my local newspaper here in New Jersey and well as watch the news. I hate to say that it just dawned on me that I read about more crime in Cayman then I do in my own hometown. Especially robberies, I think the difference is that 99 percent of the homes here have alarms installed in their homes. As I do, It helps me sleep easier at night as well as feel comfortable that my place is safe when I am away in Cayman. Everyone at this point should consider this a necessity just like a home insurance policy.

    I take’s more than locks and windows to keep crooks out of your house.

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