Ladies tailgate at Lone Star

Tailgating is often associated with vehicles and stadium parking lots. In the Cayman Islands a new twist on the American past-time is taking place at a local restaurant this weekend.

Lone Star Bar and Grill will be the venue for “Tailgate with the Girls,” a season-ending party put on by the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association. Tailgating festivities kick off at 6pm on Saturday, 8 October. The dress code is National Football League jerseys.

One of the interesting activities on tap is the inaugural Miss Tailgate Cayman. Association cofounder Christine Bisnauth states the competition is a mix of beauty pageant and sports trivia.

“Our tailgate party is this Saturday and it’s all in fun,” Bisnauth said. “We’ll have beer games, which should be a lot of giggles, raffle prizes, a DJ and lots of food. The fun contest will be Miss Tailgate.

“Pageantry is a big deal here in Cayman. Our girls will have fun with it. They will wear their favourite team’s jersey and answer football questions about the NFL and about other things like world peace. It’s all in the spirit of fun and pageantry.”

On Saturday, awards will be handed out for best defensive player, best offensive player, top quarterback and rookie of the year with the Dart championship Cup also being on hand. The categories would appear to have clear winners in Renee Thompson of the Lone Star Jager Monsters (24 tackles, five interceptions), Scimone Campbell of the Hammerheads Lady Sharks (19 receptions, seven touchdowns), Antoinette Lewis of the Domino’s Pizza Wolverines (16 TDs, four INTs) and Serena Yates of the Lady Sharks (14 tackles and nine sacks plus 21 receptions and a TD).

However Lilia Conolly of the Lady Sharks (16 tackles, seven interceptions), Alexandra Terry of the Wolverines (33 receptions, four TDs), Bobeth O’Garro of the Lady Sharks (11 TDs and three rushing TDs), and Sheyla Torres of the Pythons (six tackles, 10 sacks and six receptions) are all strong candidates.

In its inaugural campaign, the association wrapped up play in the Dart Women’s League last Saturday with the Lady Sharks being crowned champions (their second straight women’s flag football title). Bisnauth, whose Jager Monsters won the third place match, states Saturday’s results are not shocking.

“I’m not surprised with the final outcome. Scimone stepped up to the plate for Hammerheads and was a big contributor to their win. Their consistency also helped them step up to victory. I’m very pleased with Michelle McTaggart and everyone that played for Lone Star. We had a good time and did a great job. Our defence was as tight as usual and it was a good team effort.

“I want to say a big thank you to all of the league sponsors. I also thank the sponsors for Saturday’s tailgate party in Bud Light and Absolut Vodka (products of Cayman Distributors). The association is sending two teams to the Bahamas for the Caribbean Cup competition next week and the tailgate party will raise funds for those squads. Depending on the success of this weekend’s event it’s something we would do every year.”

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