Editorial for 10 October: Cayman wants Dallas divers

If you take a map and look at the destinations Cayman Airways targets, you will notice a large gap in the westerly direction.

The furthest west the airline goes is Chicago, Illinois.

But the Cayman Islands Tourism Association and the 200 or so private sector tourism businesses it represents wants CAL to cast an eye to Dallas, Texas, as an additional destination.

It would, they say, be a win-win for both Dallas and Cayman.

As odd as it may sound, Dallas is a top spot for diving enthusiasts.

The landlocked city isn’t at all close to any diveable sea or ocean. There is the Gulf of Mexico south of Galveston, but with all of the oil well drilling in the Gulf, who would want to dive its depths?

Apparently there are a lot of scuba dive quarries in and around Dallas where those who love to dive congregate.

These quarries are depleted or abandoned rock quarries that have been allowed to fill with ground water and rededicated to the purpose of scuba diving.

According to Wikipedia, they offer deep, clean, clear, still, fresh water with excellent visibility, and have no currents or undertow. They are often used as training sites for new divers, where classes and certification dives are carried out. Scuba diving quarries are often stocked with fish, for the divers to enjoy, and often feature contrived “wreck” sites, such as sunken boats, cars, and aircraft for divers to explore while diving.

There’s only so much quarry diving you can do until you’ve experienced all that man can offer in underwater diving. At some point you need to experience the real thing; and where better than the Cayman Islands?

Having Dallas as another destination would not only be good for tourism in the Cayman Islands, it would also be handy for those of us who want to travel to the western parts of the US and beyond.

Getting to places like Las Vegas and Hawaii from Grand Cayman is a lengthy and tiresome process. Opening Dallas as a destination from the Cayman Islands is a logical move. 


  1. I’m a scuba instructor from the Dallas area who came to the Cayman Islands for diving and ended up falling in love with the Brac. I’ve bought property there, built a house, and plan to spend my final days there…if the government will allow me. I have no problems with flying to Miami twice a year for shopping, if the government requires me to leave Cayman every 6 months in exchange for living on the Brac with a tourist visa. But it baffles me why the government would force me to spend shopping money in the States when I’d be much happier flying to Grand Cayman (from the Brac) for my twice a year shopping trip. Allowing other self-sufficient, although not incredibly wealthy retirees a chance to retire peacefully on the Brac cculd provide the Brac with an alternative source of cash flow that seems to be getting overlooked in the roll-over discussions. (Just a thought…)1

  2. Datadoc

    Apply for Residency as a person of independent means. Your investment in property will almost certainly be enough – or even better, start a dive business with a local – specialising in catering to Texans and live as a formal resident with a work permit.

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