10-year permit a disgrace

In regard to the l0-year work permit, it appears to be a fast track supplant of the controversial rollover policy, which the majority of Caymanians want to remain in place’ and rightly so as the removal of the rollover will only result in loss of political power and decision making by Caymanians in the long run.

I call on the independent member and the opposition to exercise caution on what you agree on where potential empty promises in policy making is concerned. Presenting what the premier said were urgent amendments to the immigration bill on Friday, Mr. McKeeva Bush said the new 10-year permit would offer security of tenure to senior managers and attract business to Cayman. It is clear this move will help businesses and their preferred offshore recruitment bad habits, but NOT CAYMANIANS! The l0-year work permit law should never be a matter of urgency. But passing laws and policy making that will ensure job security and tenure for our own CAYMANIANS especially YOUNG PEOPLE who have the first right to a job in the Cayman Islands; this is first, foremost and is of paramount importance. This is tantamount to good governance and is the thermometer that measures if government is working for its people or not.

I submit that it makes absolutely no sense for Mr Ezzard Miller to pass a badly needed minimum wage law, which will largely benefit work permit holders while our people stand in soup lines, engage in gang activity for their protection, with the option of waiting for a hand out of crumbs that fall from the table of the Chamber of Commerce and the UDP, FOR 10 WHOLE YEARS.

I submit that Caymanians have a right to decide their own destiny, not the Chamber of Commerce chairman and not the Premier. For all too often the chamber and our premier have been planning the future of Cayman, which excludes the well being of our children. And on Friday last they have won a victory that can very well prove to be the vehicle that makes Caymanians a back seat driver forever and not in command at the wheel of their life.

With the help of this UDP government Caymanians are being evacuated like Indians onto a reservation of joblessness only to make room for work permit holders. This is a travesty. The high risk of the high paying jobs that our degreed Caymanians are duly qualified for will be tied up for l0 years and renewed over and over again because of cheap imported labour together with the determined elements to undermine, dislike, accuse of entitlement and keep Caymanians at bay and unemployed. I call on the opposition and independent members to monitor this situation closely and ensure government regulations are enforced to the fullest. In my opinion this l0-year work permit is not only a slap in the face to Caymanians from the premier, but it is the final nail in the people’s coffin to get even with his opponents, all in the name of helping the country. This move will ghastly affect our young graduates by the thousands annually who will have no jobs to go to or support themselves because work permit holders will be sitting in them and the door slammed in their precious young and innocent faces. I ask the question, who are we developing for? Then how is this recent law passed contributing to fighting crime in the Cayman Islands? Are we now going to arm the police to shoot our young people because we have driven them to pick up the gun since our lawmakers have let them down? If they have no jobs, no future no home and no hope while they stand in a l0-year-old line, year after year as the greed for work permit fees and cheap labour rolls over and over again? It is now time for Caymanians to unite and speak up and speak out taking action on these strong issues facing this country. Our young people will pick up the baton but what kind of baton will we hand them if their future is being sold daily in our legislature by the elected officials to the highest bidder?

We must be reminded, this is a very small country; we cannot accommodate the entire world while we welcome some we need to say farewell to others.

This is only fair we must focus on building a future for our young people. The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. Proverbs 13, 
verse 22.

Can we say that this is truly happening in our beloved Cayman Isle?

It’s time to unite.

Florence Goring-Nozza


  1. Here is the problem. Many of the high paying jobs are in the financial Industry where Cayman is considered one of the World’s best venues. We need to provide an environment where we can attract the best investment bankers, accountants, fund managers etc.

    A ten year work permit would allow them to come here and feel like they belong. They may even contribute more to society if they feel like they are welcome. Right now many expats do not get involved with civic organizations such as rotary or kiwanis etc. Why should they give back to the island if the Island doesnt want them to stick around? Islanders then see the expats sticking to themselves and resent them for not caring about the island. A vicious circle.

    But I digress. My main point is that many financial jobs are skilled positions. Something the writier and many others with her mindset seem to ignore. Just because a local is qualified does not mean that they will ever become skillfull enough to replace the top talent in the world that we have brought here. Cayman is better off if we have the best possible people involved in our financial industry.

    As an analogy lets assume that we in Cayman bought a professional football team. One of the best in the world. These skilled players are then told that once their work permits are up they have to go. Now is it reasonable to expect that once we replace all of these players with caymanians that the team will still be a world beater. No offense but our population is too small to generate enough best in the world football players or bankers or whatever. We will always need to import talent so we can punch above our weight on the world stage.

    Rather than limiting our ability to bring in talent government should concnetrate on allowing those caymanians who are talented to rise up through the ranks as far as their talent (not their CI passport) can take them.

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