Viv Rankine sports link to Trevor

One of Cayman’s most noteworthy darts competitions is coming up in less than three weeks.

The Vivian Rankine memorial darts tournament is slated for 5-6 November. Corner Pocket will once again serve as venue. The event is in memory of Vivian Rankine, a former police officer and darts aficionado who passed away over a decade ago in 1998.

Tournament organizer Martin Bodden states this year’s competition will have a sombre tone.

“November will be exactly one year since Trevor Lloyd’s passing,” Bodden said. “One of the reasons why we decided to do it now is to commemorate his passing. Not only was he a great person for darts but one of the main sponsors for the Vivian Rankine tournament.

“We’re not planning nothing special per say. We’ve got interest from Mark Braithwaite in Jamaica. But we’re not sure if he is coming. We’re doing regular shirts, in fact they are ready along with the trophies.”

Tournament registration takes place at 12noon on Saturday, 5 November with matches starting from 1pm. The format for games will be 501 (where players throw to reduce their score from that number to zero) and encompass singles and doubles divisions. The tournament is a staple on the Cayman Islands Darts Association calendar and as such attracts top players like Mel Tagalog, last year’s winner.

Association president Paul Anglin notes that November will be a major time for darts in Cayman.

“Two of the major tournaments we have left are in November,” Anglin said. “There is the Vivian Rankine early in the month and the Mickey Mouse tournament in mid-November. The venue for this year’s Mickey Mouse will be the Mango Tree and as usual it is part of the Pirates Week festivities.”

Interestingly, Bodden, who has competed in years past in addition to organizing, states the Vivian Rankine competition will soon cease to exist.

“Arthur Ebanks and Horace Duquesnay are my committee members for this tournament. Our old objective was to raise money towards a scholarship fund for George Rankine (Vivian’s son). Next year will be the end of scholarship fund for George as he’ll be 18-years-old by then and of age to go to college.

“Everyone within darts is talking of combining the various tournaments and doing one big memorial tournament for all of the past darts players like Vivian. In that way we would try to remember all of them in some way in the future.”

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