Cayman too small for big population

There is so much to talk about that it is hard knowing where to start. This small Island cannot manage a population exceeding 10,000 people; the current population is multiplied six times.

People should never compare Cayman with countries like USA and Canada.

In order to make the Island a safer and better place, the present system of the importation of labour must be shut down altogether and where necessary that importation must be shifted to other parts of the world.

One thing our government representatives must consider is that Cayman has no industries and no natural resources.

Being dependent on banking and tourism, banking according to world news is in shambles all because of bad management and corruption world-wide.

As I see it tourism is also on a downward trend.

This is a good enough reason to put a hold on the influx of people coming to the Island to work and live. Things are changing and will continue to change but the changes are not for the better.

Development does not necessarily bring with it good news, but mostly great evils.

Those people who are here from other countries, for their own sake, should not make themselves too comfortable.

The time is not too distant when they will need to find other destinations.

Ansel Connolly


  1. Tourism is the worlds largest industry and the coral reefs are a natural resource. The expats brought investment and jobs to the island, and the fact that they got rolled over is the biggest reason for the current economic situation on Cayman.

    As for tourism declining, maybe Cayman should try some affordable accommodation ideas. Not everyone can afford a mega-hotel and there used to be guesthouses on the island. I remember those days. Cayman was nice back then.

    And finally, I would like to ask you, what influx of people coming to the island to work and live? Have you been reading the news of your choice, and ignoring the rest? There are over 6,000 fewer work permits in force compared to recent years, and some 2200 condos standing empty, and you’re saying that expats should not make themselves too comfortable?

    They didn’t. They left, and Caymanians were left jobless because of that.

    The utter ignorance around here is astounding.

  2. Thank you OldDiver for putting into words what many surely were thinking upon reading this letter.

    There were no good ole days — for anyone. People see what they want and seem to forget the hardships.

    Some wonder why expatriates don’t lift a finger to assimilate. Here’s your answer: Those people who are here from other countries, for their own sake, should not make themselves too comfortable.

    In the words of Beavis Butthead, Are you threatening me?!

  3. 10,000 population throughout the Cayman Islands would mean: supermarkets close as their customer base shrinks, no new vehicles coming to the island so that the SUVs and Honda civics you see now will have to be repaired over and over in order to still be working decades from now … mobile phones rates rise so that Blackberries are no longer affordable, It would not be worth the while of internet and cable TV providers to operate here; the Caymanian Government falls into even more debt as the income from work permits declines, and the remaining inhabitants returning to being fishermen and basket weavers and living off the land and sea … which has been overfished, not by expats or tourists who are declined fishing permits, but by locals. The properties owned by the remaining residents would be worth very little.

    The notion that life would be better if all foreigners left the country is a simpleton’s lament heard throughout the world. Foreigners HAVE been leaving Cayman since 2008. Does that mean the country is richer?

    How about Cayman’s public schools teach economics and hospitality management so that the future can be managed realistically and therefore successfully.

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