Of crime and electricity

In view of the many murder (execution style) and armed robberies and the RCIPS’ inability to apprehend any suspects; it is my opinion that the answer to this is not increasing the number of police to park off their cars at the police stations and stay in their air-conditioned offices. We need police with expertise to train our Caymanian police and help them find the suspects in these murders and armed robberies.

The only solution to our crime problem is for the commissioner of police to bring in members of the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 to train our police and investigate our crime surge. The MI6 will get the job done and take the criminal off of the streets. Law abiding citizens deserve this. We are scared to death in our own homes. Scared to go to the bank, shopping or going to restaurants. We are not accustomed to living like this.

On another subject, the way that CUC bills are increasing every month, we will soon have to go back to the days of lamps and washboards and silver thatch fans and abandon our air-conditioners, washing machines and lights. We go on long vacations, unplug every electrical appliance and when the light bill comes in it is the same as before or higher.

I noticed for a long time now that I didn’t see the meter readers coming to read my meter anymore. I have come to find out that that exercise does not take place anymore. The meter readers have an electronic device that allows them to stand on the roadside in front of a building and read the meter. So no wonder our light bills are so high and increasing each month.

The electronic meter reader estimates our light bill according to the size of our house.

Therefore, I hope that our government will look into this matter and at least drop the duties on the diesel that CUC uses. We can’t afford to even pay our mortgage. Thank you for the space in your most valuable newspaper.

Edward C. Ebanks

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