Editorial for 21 October : Are you ready for a storm?

We don’t mean to be alarmists.

But indications from looking at weather projections and models indicate that we could be in for a storm next week.

So, if you haven’t prepared your hurricane stockpile, do so this weekend.

We have been blessed so far this hurricane season. We haven’t even had an ill wind blow our direction. Sure, we’ve had some heavy rains and that system blew out to produce bad weather to our neighbours in the north of Florida.

But as we all know, we are still in the throes of hurricane season, which doesn’t officially end until the backside of November.

Even after that date, hurricanes still can and do form; they are no respecter of calendars.

Check your supplies now. Is your canned food within the expiration date? Do you have enough bottled water? Do you have enough propane or charcoal to cook the food that is in your freezers?

If there is a power outage because of a storm, do you have a generator and is there enough petrol to keep it running?

Do you have a disaster plan for your family or your business?

Do you know if you will have to go to a shelter? If so, do you know where you will go?

Will your home or business flood in a hurricane situation?

Basically, are your prepared to be safe during a storm?

If you haven’t made plans for a negative weather event, we implore you to do so this weekend.

If you’re not sure what you need to do, go to caycompass.com and look at the Cayman Free Press hurricane guide or come by our offices at the Compass Centre on Shedden Road to pick up a copy.

In it you will find all you need to know how to prepare and what to do before, during and after a storm event.

And if you don’t have home or business insurance, find an agent today. Once a storm enters our region it will be too late to insure your property.

Be prepared and be safe.