Little Cayman Heritage Day soon come

Friends, Pirates Week is nearly upon us. Cayman’s National Festival, presented by Saxon MG for the first time, is a colourful, hilarious, educational and family friendly time where the smiles and the fun come thick and fast to pirates of all ages.

One very important aspect of the celebrations is the very popular Heritage Days; this is where the community really pulls together to showcase its wares whilst acknowledging the special skills and innovations of technology that brought Cayman to this point. Each different location in Cayman has its day in the sun with Heritage Days taking place in West Bay, North Side, Bodden Town/Savannah, George Town, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Fittingly, the tiny island paradise that we know as Little Cayman is first up on this parade of togetherness and ingenuity, with a series of events taking place starting on 4th and 5th November. In order that you have plenty of time to get booking those flights and hotels in preparation, we’re looking at this fest a couple of weeks ahead. Because, Weekender readers, we really do like you a lot.

We also like Kerry Scott a lot, because she’s the central character in this story. She tells us that Little Cayman Heritage Day really is a very family oriented experience.

“It is so much fun and kids are a big part of that. It’s a very family friendly time, people always bring their youngsters to see us. It is a lovely atmosphere for everybody,” she says

Dominoes for all

The first brilliant thing to get involved with is the famous domino tournament, which begins at 7.30pm on Friday, 4th November. This frantic and competitive game truly is taken to a whole new level here in the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands is no exception. It’s even an entertaining spectator sport; grab a drink and watch the contestants getting hugely involved with this great tactical and cerebral game. Best of all, give it a bash yourself – the first prize is a cool $500; second $250 and third two sets of dinner for two at the Little Cayman Beach Resort. All this takes place at the Hungry Iguana, always a lovely place to hang out and no better way to ease yourself into the weekend’s festivities.

Float parade

Of course, Pirates Week wouldn’t be Pirates Week without a good old float parade and in Little Cayman’s case this takes place starting at 3pm on Saturday, 5th November at Head O’Bay. Things are slightly different to what you’d see during Grand Cayman’s parade, with locals really getting involved in creating some ingenious floats, generally using locally sourced building materials. It really is a window into the heritage of the Islands; items such as woven silver thatch, palm leaves and coconut shells will be in evidence – all things that have permeated the history of Cayman. Oh, and it’s always a massive amount of fun – as well as there being first, second, third and kids prizes for best float, there’s lots more on offer including Best Dressed Pirates, Best Dressed Wench and Best Dressed Male/Female Pirates. Expect a whole bunch of colour and very inventive themes throughout as float makers vie to represent this year’s theme of Cayman’s Marine Life in whichever fabulous way they see fit. Food is on sale from 3pm to 11pm and all the local favourites are going to make it a real feast – the only problem is going to be when to stop eating! There’s also plenty of kids’ activities all day.

Fireworks and dancing

Later on Saturday, and fittingly for November 5th, there will be a great fireworks display. Because of the relatively small amount of artificial light on the Island, this is always one of the most vibrant, brilliant and beautiful displays you’re likely to see, as the bangs and the whizzes and the pops are accompanied by the magnificently-framed colours of the heavens.

There at the Hungry Iguana, the dance starts around 8pm, with C-Level Band coming over from the Brac to get things rockin’. As ever, there are loads of contests, prizes and giveaways happening, making the event a supremely fun one. There’s really no excuse not to take advantage of the chance to visit this exceptional island and Pirates Week is even more of a reason to head over to discover how friendly, happy and gorgeous life can be. See you there!

Cayman Airways Express operates up to eight flights a day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between Grand Cayman and Little Cayman. Daytrip fares: $96.81 (including all taxes and fees); Regular roundtrip fares: $111.72 (including all taxes and fees)


Cayman Airways Express operates up to eight flights a day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between Grand Cayman and Little Cayman. Daytrip fares: $96.81 (including all taxes and fees); Regular roundtrip fares: $111.72 (including all taxes and fees)

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