Help for students

Sisters Kerrian and Kristiann Powell now have a laptop computer and printer scanner to help them with their studies, thanks to a donation from the New Self Help Community Foundation.

The students, who attend John Gray High School, became the fifth and sixth scholars this year to receive assistance from the foundation.

CEO of the foundation, JC Connor said, “The investment by The New Self-Help Community Foundation, a nonprofit organisation which aims to help teenaged youth develop a sense of self-worth, independence and community spirit, is a demonstration of the value the foundation sees in Kerrian and Kristiann and other young people.”

The girls were identified by their former primary school teacher at George Town Primary School, Marie Martins, as outstanding students who deserved the gift.

The donation of the computer and printer scanned was granted in partnership with Johnny Brown, owner and manager of Brown’s Esso on the Run.

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