Letters to the Editor: Homes should be restored to people

I have waited almost seven years for the Public Accounts Committee of the Legislative Assembly to review the reports of the last Auditor General on the Affordable Housing Scheme created while I was Minister with responsibility for Housing. Of course I can understand why I was not afforded an opportunity to provide my own explanations and summons my own witnesses, during the People’s Progressive Movement administration that followed.  

What I do not understand is that I have not yet been given this opportunity under the present United Democratic Party rule. As a founding member of the UDP, I now publicly ask why? Could it be that my memory and that of others I will summons would put the acts of those destroying the homes I built for less fortunate members of our society, in question? 

When my office and my home were invaded by the last auditor general, the police, Immigration and Customs all information pertaining to the Affordable Housing Scheme was confiscated and until now, not returned. However, I can and will call witnesses that under oath must and will support my contention that the National Housing and Community Trust, a legal company registered in the Cayman Islands did offer the majority; if not all of the houses I built for sale and that the required deposit was the amount of $1,500.  

How then could the present minister of housing destroy those poor peoples’ homes without compensation? If the present UDP minister of housing wanted to improve the homes because he felt that the former UDP minister made a mistake in the choice of materials and construction; then his government must provide replacements to these owners because they purchased those houses in good faith. 

If those owners were not keeping their mortgages current, then the Trust should have taken them to court, if they were evicting them. If the homeowners have not been evicted from their properties; then what has been destroyed must be restored or an improvement there on. 


Frank McField