Our position among 7 billion

On Monday, 31 October, the world’s population is projected to hit the 7 billion mark. I am led to ask myself what this numerical milestone holds for these islands?

Regrettably, I realise that we are still basking in our smugness and apathy and so ill-informed as to believe that it “is business as usual”. I hope for the sake of the majority that there are those in positions which count, who have a sufficiently sober grasp as to realise what is happening in the wider world. For, with no food security, and with an ‘import everything mentality’, there is a real danger that the least threat to the status quo could threaten our survival in these Islands.

Years of measuring our progress on a faulty report card and of being fed the propaganda that our future was guaranteed because “the Cayman Islands were the fifth largest financial centre in the world” holds no currency in a system that is in flux. Alas, we have no survival plan and now that panic is at hand, we are at a loss as to strategy. The 7 billion milestone should be more than a statistic for us in the Cayman Islands.

It should be a stark reminder of the apocalyptic future, which is mocking us for sacrificing the long term future of sustainable development for the short term promise of a false success. In the arithmetic of progress and prosperity, it will take a calculation of Malthusian proportions for us to quantify our error, thus compounding our position among the 7 billion.

Roy Bodden

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