Arrest in Kerran Baker case

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    Police officers involved in the enquiry into the disappearance of Kerran Baker have arrested a man on suspicion of murder, according to reports from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service issued Thursday.

    The arrest took place early Thursday following a police operation in the Prospect area, a police spokesperson said.

    The 35-year-old man remains in police custody while enquiries continue.

    Ms Baker, 25, was last seen on Saturday, 30 July and was believed to have been taken from her home in the Beach Bay area. Her car was found abandoned in Pedro Castle two days later.

    Anyone who has any information in relation to the disappearance of Kerran should call George Town police station on 949-4222, the RCIPS tip-line 949-7777, or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).


    Ms. Baker


    1. I’m really curious, lets see if he was such a big shot that the RCIP were afraid to touch him. But after the UK White Paper Survey, maybe the FCO Minister made them vomit him up!
      Ya think!

      We need some more white papers. Setting the house in order. Here Here!

    2. The 35-year-old man remains in police custody while enquiries continue

      this means the man is set to go after the inquiries, this is not an arrest but a mere invitation.

    3. Its really funny reading some of these comments that show how little some people understand about how the system works…

      An arrest means that the RCIPS has reasonanble cause and evidence to believe that this man murdered Kerry Baker and…

      The law allows them 72 hours to hold and question him in the hope of obtaining a confession or further evidence that will allow them to charge him.

      He must be arrested before he can be questioned.

      If, after questioning him, they believe their evidence strong enough, and hopefully it is, he will be charged with her murder.

      We all know that she didn’t simply vanish into thin air.

      Well done, RCIPS, on getting this far in the investigation.

    4. Okay he is arrested on suspicion of murder. What proof do they have that a murder was even committed, where is the body? I am glad that someone was arrested, but the RCIP needs to get the charges right before they can arrest someone for murder…. Imagine what will happen next, the guy gets a lawyer, they have no proof that a murder was even committed, they have to let him go….. then he sues the govt for false arrest.

      No wonder crimes go unsolved here……

    5. Firery,

      It’s just an invitation, RCIP cannot make an arrest right now unless there’s warrant issued by magistrate. A warrant means there’s reasonable ground to detain the suspect and bring the matters in court. The 72 hours that you are saying is applicable to hot pursuit operation wherein RCIP can make a warrantless arrest and detain the suspect.

    6. When did the law in Cayman change…that a police officer can only arrest a suspect with a magistrates warrant unless it is a high-pursuit arrest ?

      Are you for real ?

      This is why immediate police arrests are made under ‘suspicion only’ warrants.

      With reasonable evidence, a police officer can arrest you for the suspicion of having committed such crime as the evidence shows, at any time…he/she does not need a magistrates warrant for that type of arrest.

      If the police have reason to hold this man beyond the 72-hour period that his rights allow, then they have to apply to the courts for a further arrest warrant until he is either charged or released.

      That is the law as far as I know it; maybe things have changed.

    7. Suspicion only warrant is inherent to police’s day to day activity. They can arrest and detain anybody for whatever violations they deemed appropriate.

      For crime with no suspects apprehended within a reasonable period of time or the so called hot pursuit operation, a DUE PROCESS of law must apply. Part of the due process is the serving of warrant of arrest.

    8. All in all, someone has been brought in under reasonable suspicion.
      Hopefully, this was not just to sooth the public’s dismay of lack of inattention to this case.
      Most times, the first choice is the right choice.

    9. Guys,
      first he was brought in for questioning as others when the case was first opened in search for Kerran.
      No they have him AGAIN in their custody for the second time!
      This is an arrest, after a long investigation police now obviously HAVE THEIR MAN.

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