Compass Point – Healthcare: Wellness centre for Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac now has a wellness centre.  

Shiloh Wellness Centre is owned and managed by Annice Sambula, who said the idea for the centre was conceived on the Brac in 2005 and has been a long-time coming.  

The Wellness Centre is located on the south side of the island in the Brac Caribbean Villas complex, adjacent to the Captain’s Table restaurant.  

Shiloh offers locals and visitors myriad services, such as life coaching, talk therapy, psychotherapy, family counselling, individual and group counselling, hydrotherapy, immune system building, stress management, therapeutic back rubs, as well as a nutritional centre.  

“There is no place like it on Cayman Brac and timing wise, it’s perfect. There are many issues on Cayman Brac that are not being addressed and can now be managed directly and promptly by Shiloh Wellness Centre instead of waiting for them to escalate into more serious mental health illnesses or greater social problems,” said Sister Islands Member of the Legislative Assembly, Moses Kirkconnell. 

In an interview with the press, Mrs. Sambula, who is originally from Cayman Brac said, “Shiloh is more than a business venture for me. I left Cayman Brac many years ago to pursue further education but always wanted to return home to make a difference; my feelings for the needs of this island run very deep.  

“My first challenge is that people in Cayman Brac are used to dealing with their problems in a private manner and are not used to reaching out for help. They are used to ‘staying strong’ and ‘toughing it out.’ An individual’s quality of life can be much better and burdens can be lighter with a life coach or therapist. So right now, most of my work is informing, teaching and introducing the benefits of my services.  

“My second challenge is that most insurance companies do not pay for wellness, therefore, individuals have to pay out of pocket and with the economy being as it is right now, their health is put on the backburner while hard-earned money has to be put towards more urgent matters. That is why I am so grateful to Mr. Moses Kirkconnell for letting me have some space rent-free for three months and then, after that, pay a token fee for rent and utilities: This way I can keep my prices fairly affordable and offer some flexibility to my clients.”  

Mrs. Sambula holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Graceland University in the United States and also pursued post graduate studies through the University of the West Indies where she obtained a Master of Science degree in counselling. She also has undergone extensive training in alternative therapies in lifestyle centres throughout the United States and has combined her knowledge and skills to offer a holistic approach to health and wellness. 

Mrs. Sambula said that, although Shiloh offers lifestyle services, it is not an alternate health centre. She said that what her venture offers is complementary health services which are the blending of alternate health with traditional western medicine.  

“Contrary to the popular opinion that alternate health and western medicine are in opposition to each other, the two therapies make a great marriage and bring about optimum health for individuals who are seriously pursuing wellness. I work closely with my clients’ physicians to ensure that my services will only enhance the medical treatment that my clients are already receiving,” Mrs. Sambula said. 

Shiloh intends to open its doors in Watering Place in the near future which will operate simultaneously to the South Side location. Mrs. Sambula said many people in Grand Cayman say Cayman Brac does not need a de-stressing or wellness centre, as they think the Brac is naturally stress-free and tranquil.  

“Well, not so if you live here,” she said. “The Brac residents experience issues that exist in any society.” 

Mrs. Sambula hopes to work closely with the therapist who visits once a week from Cayman Islands Counselling Services in Grand Cayman to more adequately address the counselling needs of the Sister Islands, as well as to give the people a choice of therapists.  

When Mrs. Sambula was asked what was the age range of her clientele she responded, “Oh, everyone needs wellness, so my clients’ age range is wide and varied: I see children, teens, adults and families as well as conduct Talk Therapy sessions with the elderly and the house-bound.” 

When asked why her venture was called Shiloh, Mrs. Sambula responded it was for many reasons and relayed her stories, which were lengthy, but fascinating. She ended her stories by saying the word Shiloh is biblical and had a personal meaning between her and her mother’s promise to God and the desire to establish a special ministry.  

In addition, Shiloh has connotations with the word Shalom which means ‘peace’. “And that is one of my aims,” Mrs. Sambula said, “to help decrease the turmoil and pain in others and to assist in bringing them peace.”  


For more information on Shiloh Wellness Centre, contact Mrs. Sambula on 345-939-9521 or [email protected] 

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