Prison does 
not rehabilitate

This is one topic that many do not want to talk about. But this is something that effects all of us in one way or the other.

The people of these Islands, now-a-days, find a lot of their family members behind bars, cast in prison for many different reasons. Even as an innocent person, you can find yourself in prison. This is a big money programme when you really look at it; police, lawyers, judges, court house workers, prison guards, cars, trucks, vans, the prison itself, medical for the prisoners, food and the list goes on and on. Prison and prisoners cost this country a lot of money and we all pay to maintain this prison system. What do we get back from it? Only more repeat offenders, even some prison officers turning criminals themselves. Our prison system is a big failure.

For while you are in prison you can get any kind of drugs and a very good education of how to commit many different kinds of crimes. That is why you have a lot of young children that have been exposed to this prison system for something like a splif of ganga, coming out after serving a short time, then turning into hard core criminals because the prison is a breeding ground for this/

Maybe if we can stop sending the very young school leaver to prison for petty crime and instead sentence them to hard core training school. Maybe we can put a curb on a lot of these young people turning to the higher type of crime they are committing as more and more young people find themselves with their backs against the wall in the many ways they now do.

Many of them will turn to crime. Some of them are doing it out of a great need for many of them are not bad, but they will end up in the prison system.

Our prison here in Cayman does not really help the person to become better. That is why you can have so much crime inside the prison itself. Many people that are in that place do not deserve to be there, for as I know, you can be there for years, innocently. There are also people there that have served their time, but because of some frame up by a prisoner, or prison officer, they are charged with another charge and kept in prison.

We the people on the outside do not really know all the things that are going on in that prison, but there are some of us that really know.

Some people make a lot of money off that prison, but the Government keeps pouring money into locking people up instead of trying to fix the problem that is making hundreds of Caymanians – mostly young to middle-aged – being placed in the prison system.

Remember, from prison they come back to the streets, many times a lot worse than when they went in; many filled with hate and a new education taught to them in prison.

So Cayman, police and all those that think that you are doing such a good job by putting that person in jail for something very simple, take another look at what you all are really doing. Take a look at our prison system in 1960 and compare it to today.

At the same time, look at the amount of crime and types. The prison gets bigger with more and more people each year, costing this country millions and millions of dollars that could go to education of school leavers in areas and programmes that would help the country decrease the amount of people behind bars.

Northward is a cesspool for crime and really does not help anyone; only those that make money from the prison system. We must help ourselves to live a lot better.

Emile S. Levy


  1. okay first off.

    I notice you said in this article, that we all pay to maintain this system.

    You pay nothing. The government pays everything. What tax dollars are removed from your paycheck each week, that goes to support the prison? I am curious to hear you are actually paying anything.

    And to the second point. Of course prison is not a place for rehabilitation. It never will be. It’s a prison. Not a day school.

    But until we can find something better. This is what it is.

  2. We do pay; Daily, straight out of our pockets, somehow.
    The Govt gets the money through any conceivable means possible and funnels it where they feel/think is best.
    Not where we think it could be better applied and yet we elected them to do just thatwhat irony.

    WE can all agree that our prisons are not Rehab centres; the money pours in simply to house them briefly and then they’re back on the street doing what they do bestkilling, robbing, raping.

    Rehabilitation, or modifying someone’s behaviour to the desired acceptable norm, is beyond Cayman’s current prison system and will be for a long, long time.
    Learned behaviour is difficult to alter.
    Recidivism rates will always be high.

    But as for cutting the costs:
    1)Prison farms; grow your own food. If you don’t, you go hungry.
    2)Get an education there; you got enough time sitting around, learn how to use a hammer at least for when you get released again.
    3)Clean the streets and beaches.

    You get the idea, (many more ideas out there), put them to work to offset their costs and put something back into the community from which they took.

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