Man involved in North Side golf course scheme jailed

A Merseyside businessman involved in an ambitious scheme to bring a golf course to North Side has been jailed in North West England for beating a 15-year-old girl, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Jason Pickthall, a former mobile phone tycoon, was once worth £66 million before going bankrupt in 2001. He pleaded guilty in Sefton Magistrates’ Court to hitting the teenage girl with a belt and broom, causing seven separate injuries. He was sentenced to 22 weeks in jail, according to the Echo.

Mr. Pickthall is the director of planning for Crown Acquisitions Worldwide, a local Caymanian company that owns some 300 to 400 acres spread out among the three Cayman Islands, Crown director Daryl Pickthall told the Compass in August.

According to the Echo, District Judge Michael Abelson heard about Jason Pickthall’s involvement with Crown in Cayman. “In fact before he entered a late guilty plea to the common assault charge he was censured by the judge for trying to arrange a business trip there on the date he was supposed to be standing trial,” the Echo wrote.

Crown’s most high-profile proposal is a proposed golf course development called the Dubli Golf & Beach Resort, which is being marketed to potential land buyers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Crown has received planning permission to build a 61-lot subdivision and 14-unit apartment building on 28.6 acres on Rum Point Drive near Grape Tree Point, and Crown’s marketing materials for Dubli promise the construction of a four-hole golf course, which, however, it does not yet have permission to build. According to Crown’s website, all Dubli lots have been sold.

Crown also has proposed two other developments on Grand Cayman: ‘Bijou Beach Resort’, a 35-lot subdivision of single family homes on 13.6 acres north of Malportas Pond in North Side, which has planning permission; and ‘Half Moon Bay’, a development on Sea View Road in East End that has not yet received planning permission.

Additionally, Crown has three proposed developments on Cayman Brac and 10 on Little Cayman (five of which, like Dubli, are marked as ‘sold out’). The Echo reports Jason Pickthall “assaulted the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, with the bristled end of a broom before striking her with his belt, causing bruising to her arms and shoulders”.

The judge reprimanded him, saying, according to the Echo: “This was an assault with a weapon on a defenceless young woman. It was 
a protracted assault.

“Whether the belt buckle fell off or didn’t, you struck her clearly a number of times with this weapon.”

According to the newspaper, “The judge, who described [Jason] Pickthall as “highly intelligent” and “selfish”, criticised him for admitting his guilt so late. He said: “You brazened the matter out for almost 12 months.

“I can’t imagine what this must have been like for this vulnerable young woman having this matter hanging over her, thinking she was going to have to give evidence against you.”

Judge Abelson added: “You are such a selfish man as evidenced by your behaviour in this case and really you had no regard for anybody but yourself.” Jason Pickthall’s attorney defended him, according to the Echo, saying, “This was a one-off, isolated incident. He lost control and he assaulted her. He realises what he did was inexcusable.”

[Jason] Pickthall was ordered to pay £750 compensation and made subject to a restraining order, according 
to the Echo.


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