We all have a story

Have you ever met anyone who didn’t have a story?

Sometimes it is a story that you try to make sense of and sometimes it is clear as day but everyone has one. We hide behind our stories a lot and act like they didn’t happen or we didn’t do that or so on and so forth. Why are we so afraid to tell our stories?

The pain and healing are deep within the roots of the stories and we need to tell them. We all have one or even more than one in most instances. We need to speak up and tell what is deep in our hearts. There are so many wounded people walking around that need healing because of denial of these stories.

I want you to think about your story right now. Do you think you are the way that you are just because? Or that you were born this way as Lady Gaga says?

Your story defines you in most cases. It has shaped your thoughts and behaviour. You are who you are because of your stories and the better ones amongst us are the ones that know their story or have told their stories, healed, and learned from them.

We all have stories and in them are the healing. But I am not talking about telling it to re-enact some dramatic interpretation of how horrible our life was; no not to do that. And we either know someone who does that or have been someone who does that or even still does it sometimes. I don’t mean that way at all because we know how that usually turns out. I mean for us to tell our stories to find out the truth about and to get some understanding and make the necessary changes so that we can be happy and live a more fulfilling life.

Some of us are walking around almost not whole and thinking this is normal. We feel bad inside, we are often anxious, stressed and confused and yet we think nothing is wrong. Some of us haven’t felt good in so long that we don’t even know that we are not feeling good. You need to tell your story to be heard, and to be healed.

You see in telling your story you realise that somebody made mistakes before you, was hurt before you, abandoned as a child before you, divorced or separated before you, ill treated before you, somebody was broken before you, raped, abused, and rejected before you and so on and so on. And it is in the telling of the story that you find inspiration and give inspiration. We should not ever be ashamed of our stories because they brought us here to where we are. In order for us to move forward we need those stories to fill in the gaps.

Now I don’t mean to go and make up a story because there really is no need to do that. Your story is good enough to be told in its true form. You see as we tell the story we realise how much we have grown and how far we have come and then become inspired to move further ahead. We grow through difficult situations and problems and through victories. And sometimes because we don’t tell our story, we miss the victory or when we embellish or hide behind it or make up new stories, we lose the victory.

You know the people that you see every day, at work, home or at play, the ones that we have known forever and yet know nothing about? The strangers that are our colleagues, friends and family; are you one of those folks that hide behind the walls protecting your story and pretending that you are something that you are not. Somebody is waiting to hear exactly what you have to say and to know you at a deeper level. Your story has a lesson and in it wisdom and healing so find someone you can trust and go tell it. They need to hear it and both you and they can be healed by it.

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