Answer is to limit grouper catch

Letter to Minister Mark Scotland

I am writing to you in regards to the Nassau Grouper fishing ban that expires in December of this year.

My name is Lian Ebanks. I am from Cayman and so is my family.

I understand that some people like Nassau Grouper, so why don’t we just catch very few Nassau Grouper instead of catching so many of them?

If we do stop the ban and the fishermen go back and catch them all, then what will happen to the food chain? The other fish that are eaten by Nassau Grouper will populate until they have the biggest population and they will eat the other big fish. Then they will be the only fish to catch.

So if you stop the ban, then the food chain will be altered. No divers will come because the Nassau Grouper will be gone.

Lian Ebanks

Year 6

Cayman Prep