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This letter is perhaps difficult to understand or perhaps not? And you do not have to read it if it’s not digestible; however, a Caymanian intellectual in reference to our native land coined the phrase ‘voluntary colonialism’, which had suggested to me that he believed that Caymanians had come to accept their colonialised condition voluntarily. I believe this proposition to be a great insight of the intellect and imagination; even his. And perhaps he should have also written that once a people are colonised it is possible they will come to regard that condition as being a result of their own free will rather than the will of the other’. Therefore they may not struggle to change this condition under certain circumstances; mainly if the relationship produces little discomfort for the elite of the society.

I wrote letters long ago suggesting that the ideological and economic competition and conflict between Britain and the Cayman Islands had arrived at that crossroad where the Caymanian elite (which includes new arrivals) would begin to question the workability of our relationship with Britain. I also suggested and will continue to suggest that political independence is always bad for the poor since in most post-colonial countries the economic and political elite are never willing to make the necessary socio-political and economic readjustments to include the poor among them. Thus in post-modern colonial societies the lower occupational and social classes should view a continued relationship with the metropolitan country as more benevolent than political independence, which has also involved a state of continued economic, cultural and social dependence; examples for which we find all over the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

I have always been critical of the British government for having given too much latitude when it came to the Cayman Islands. For allowing the Cayman Islands to develop an elitist and corrupt economic and socio-political structure, which excludes the majority of its people while at the same time creating a need for demographic changes that now has many of us on reservations like the Indians. Read Time Longer Dan Rope, it is right in there.

This population shift may become an important reason for the lower occupational, unemployed and unemployable groups to support independence. However, it should be explained that the UK government is not directly responsible for the exercise of this peculiar economic and socio-cultural structure, which demands population replenishments and replacements. The local ruling class is responsible and it is them in conjunction with the fundamentalist Christians that will begin to echo a call for independence, especially when the restructuring of our relationship with the UK begins in 2012.

The idea that we should be thinking of independence and discussing independence when we have not encouraged our people to think of and discuss our own local challenges is preposterous to me. We need dialogue and for this simple reason I continue to think and to write about us. However, I made up my mind long ago that independence is not good for the Caymanian Islands; not now or in the future. Cayman needs to grow up and become, as difficult as it may be from a moral or religious perspective, a part of the metropolitan framework. Because although 2012 will be 50 years since a West Indian Federation was attempted, the gains made by these small island states could have also been made while connected politically to the UK. I am speaking about the development of a cultural and intellectual conscience and identity that would prevent too great a difference between the values of the UK and our own. Tolerance and respect for individual freedoms and preferences rather than moral servitude is what we must now seek and not political independence. The Framework for Fiscal Responsibility and the coming Human Bill of Rights therefore needs to be intelligently discussed and explained to the people; not resisted.

Frank McField


  1. Agreed: Why remake a wheel with such a long history of working good.. I believe the UK did exactly what was necessary in allowing Cayman to develop an identity and to take tentative steps on it’s own.

    But the need for such basic principles as the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility shows that as a country we are not organized or leader ready; at least not for Caymanians by Caymanians.

    Following the various plans to stimulate the economy shows this; That the proposal being suggested and evaluated is not our own, but from the minds of those who offer our government concessions as a means to their objectives.

    But’ What are Caymans values?. as a baseline for any plan or discussion one must start form what we value dear and will not compromise.. The islanders in west bay value their view of the sea as they drive by and is fighting hard after the fact to keep it.. The people in East also valued their view of the sea and island as they looked West along High Rock, and they fought hard to keep it.. So I would say as at least one value is to maximize view to the sea..

    So with any plan being proposed, up front our leaders should know; boy I cannot thing about moving west bay road, or digging up high rock, not if it will limit view to the sea. No money can buy that; our old folks would say..

  2. Frank,
    I agree with every word and I’m certain you are one of those Caymanians like myself who knows exactly what is going to happen to the Cayman Islands if we allow unqualified people to run this country into the ground and towards independence.Caymanians must fight and stand up to the UK in refusing to advance towards independence as it will not do us any good. We must shut the mouths of those who insist on independence as they are blind leading the blind.

    At this time though Dr.Frank we are interested in hearing exactly what happened in regards to your health and we still wish you a speedy recovery. I am of the opinion that perhaps you may relate your story in the form of a book, or perhaps international media, or some very trusted source, I stand to be corrected, but the public really should hear from your own lips what really happened if possible that it does not interfere with any ongoing investigation. God bless you.

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