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After undergoing a successful surgery in a Miami hospital for a gunshot wound to his right leg, former Cayman Islands MLA Frank McField said he would travel back home Thursday evening.

“I’m feeling quite a lot better, I can’t move around a whole lot,” Mr. McField said in a telephone interview from Miami, Florida Thursday just hours before his flight left. “It was incredible the way the operation went…it’s really a miracle.”

Mr. McField said he would have to use a walker during a rehab period which would be needed so the broken bone in his leg might recover fully. He said a local doctor would assist in his physiotherapy and had no idea how long the recovery might take.

“If I really work hard and I’m not lazy, it’ll go fast,” he said.

The former MLA and radio talk show host said he realises there has been a bevy of speculation about what happened to him before he showed up at the Cayman Islands hospital with a bullet in his leg early Thursday, 1 December. He said he was reluctant to comment on the full specifics of what he remembers, but there were a few things he wished to clarify.

“I have not committed any criminal act,” he said. “I didn’t shoot myself.”

Asked why, if he hadn’t fired the shot that struck his leg, police didn’t arrest someone in connection with the incident.

“It’s a complicated situation,” he said. “There’s an ongoing police investigation and there’s very little you can say to prevent people…from speculating about other people’s misfortunes.”

The full story of our interview with Mr. McField will appear in next week’s editions of the Caymanian Compass…

Dr Frank

Dr Frank


  1. I look forward to one of Mr McField’s usual clear and transparent statements about what actually happened; followed by the same by others who were or were not involved; followed by the usual police/lawyers contributions.
    Better than Old Mother Goose, for this year’s Christmas pantomime?

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