Gimistory at Mission House

Bodden Town Mission House gardens provided the perfect setting and backdrop for an evening of fairy tales, myths, legends, tall tales and fables Thursday evening.


t was Gimistory telling time.

The Cayman Islands International Storytelling Festival, better known as Gimistory, had found its way to Bodden Town after leaving East End residents in stitches.

As the air filled with the aroma of fried fish and fritters, the sounds of laughter from audience members could be heard among the trees of a great time with sing-song tales, tall tales and funny jokes.

What really made this Gimistory exceptional was the variety of young local talent on display. “Cayman future in story telling is in good hands,” said Trinidadian Extempo Calypso king Phillip Murray, aka (Black Sage). He excited the audiences in giving them a loud round of applause for their performances.

Black sage is well known for his ability to speak on any subject, at any time from an audience during his performances. In Bodden Town, Gimistory he was put through the extempo test and thrown topics from, why Dart wants to put the dump in beautiful Bodden Town, to the state of our local politicians and the Filipino explosion.

During the night, attendees also heard from popular storytellers David Beraux and Friends. They tell, in song, the vintage calypso stories and many of their countries’ traditional folk tales.

Local storytellers such as Priscilla Pouche, Tria, Geovani, Venecia also kept the audience entertained along with international storytellers Sheila Pain and Jeria Burns.

Free fried fish, fritters and swanky (Cayman style lemonade) served after the event made a good end to the performances.

In 2009, the “fry fish ‘n swanky” tradition of Gimistory took a new twist and became a culinary competition. Each district competes for the honours of Best Fried Fish, Best Swanky or Best Fritters. The judging is conducted with the help of the Best of Cayman, which also polls the public for its opinion and calculates the responses into a percentage of the overall judging.

The final tallies will be released at a later date.

The shows are all produced through the efforts of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

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