Crazy idea raised over $17k

It all started as one crazy idea and has so far led to over $17,000 raised for the Cayman Islands Diabetic Association with the potential for far more in the future.

Back in August a handful of volunteers, with little or no previous boxing experience, began training for their amateur debut in the ring. They would be warriors, training hard, hitting the gym up to four times a week to improve their fitness and learn the pugilistic basics.

Hours of dedication were required in preparation for three gruelling rounds against a suitably matched opponent. The five matches took place in front of a sizeable crowd at Treasure Island last month on a white collar boxing bill. The main fight was a kick boxing contest between Omar Dixon and Bruce Coulson which Dixon won easily on points.

It was not only a fantastic evening of entertainment, but the fighters also raised plenty for the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association.

Adam Cockerill was the driving force behind the charitable push. “About six months ago, my friend James Murray, told me he was going to attempt to run 100 miles around Grand Cayman in one go. James’ idea was to raise money for the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association while creating awareness of the diabetes epidemic here in Cayman. I suggested he would need a website to help promote his cause as it would help gain sponsorship as well as public involvement.

“As I work for IT Outsource I spoke to my boss about donating the hosting fees and the domain name and from that was born. James wanted to raise the profile of an illness he believes does not currently receive the attention or the profile it deserves.

“Diabetes affects a significant number of Caymanians and he felt that he could use his ‘Crazy Idea’ to springboard a campaign to raise funds and educate the public of the Cayman Islands. He also wanted to encourage everyone and anyone to have their own crazy ideas and to get involved by running part of or the entire Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon last week. I felt inspired by James and decided to sign up for the White Collar Fight Night, a challenge I had been eye balling up for a while – my own crazy idea.”

Cockerill began training at Rogue Gym along with Nico Mellett, Alistair MacDonald, Geoff Baker, Robert Mahadeo and Ryan Bloom, who all fought on the night. Flloyd Moxam trained with them and may be matched next time.

The main white collar bout was between Brian Rando and Dermot O’Kelly which O’Kelly won, debatably, on points.

Cockerill said: “Training together was an amazing experience and a real journey. It became an obsession, all I could think about were the moves I’d learnt, whether I’d done well in my last sparring session, how I could improve to give myself the best chance of beating my opponent.”

Lachie Hewitt and Chris Dinan, the owners of Rogue Gym and promoters of the Fight Night, agreed to donate $5 of each ticket sale to the diabetes association. All of the fighters got behind the idea and worked hard to drive ticket sales for the night. In total, $2,000 was raised, a fantastic result for everyone involved.

Cockerill is prepared to train again but is only prepared to fight on a white collar show if evenly matched because he felt at too much of a disadvantage against a heavier and more experienced opponent last time against Jarladth Travers.

Murray along with American Gerard Martinez completed their 100 mile run on 26 November, running for over 30 hours. The crazy crew has so far raised almost $15,000.

Lachie Hewitt hopes to promote the next white collar show in June at Treasure Island again.

He said: “I’m talking to a girl who has just arrived in Grand Cayman who recently had a white collar bout in the UK. She is willing to be matched on the next show with another female and for them to raise money for the breast cancer society.

“We’re also planning to match Andrew Ford with Bruce’s brother Tim Coulson and Bruce may have a rematch with Omar Dixon only this time it would be just boxing.”

Anyone interested in boxing on the next white collar show should contact coach Lachie Hewitt on: 324-1800 
or email: [email protected]

Anyone can donate towards the Cayman Islands Diabetic Association through their website

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