Rock and roll is his business

Rock and roll is more than just constructed noise to get the blood pumping – it can also help your business. 

That’s the view of author and brand expert Steve Jones, whose book Brand Like a Rock Star: Using Rock ‘n’ Roll to Make Your Business Famous has made quite a splash in business circles. 

Mr. Jones will be conducting a seminar on the subject at Vivendi at 12.30pm on Friday, 16 December. He said people can expect plenty of behind-the-scenes music stories. 

“Lots of music, videos, and insights into how to more successfully build a brand in 2012 and beyond,” Mr. Jones said. “My goal is that everyone leaves with at least two actionable ideas to put into play at their business. And a free book. 

“My interest in what inspires people to choose one product over another goes back 20 years when I first started working with radio stations,” he said. “Quite often two radio stations would be playing the same songs, yet one would have vastly better ratings than the other. That experience took me into the concept of branding, and how certain companies are able to create emotional connections between their product and the consumer.” 

His 30-year career includes a stint as an on-air presenter and also time radio management in the United States and Canada, as well as two years with DMS in the Cayman Islands.  

“Today I oversee 80 stations as VP/Programming for Newcap Radio,” he said. “In that time I’ve watched bands come and go, and rise and fall. I’ve worked alongside concert promoters, record labels, and retail outlets along the way.” 


Elevating brands 

The book has been purchased mainly by owners of small, emerging businesses, which are beginning to see how building brands helps enable them to compete, he said. 

“I’ve also had great reaction from marketing executives, branding experts, and others who work at the C-suite level for major companies. Another unexpected audience has been aspiring artists who want to look at how their idols made it big and try to replicate some of those experiences,” Mr. Jones said. 

“It has been very cool to see people react to the book. What I sense is happening is that they are absorbing the lessons in a fresh way thanks to the connection to rock ‘n’ roll. There are countless business books out there about branding and marketing but none of them examine the process in the same fun way that this book does – and that’s thanks to the music. People love their favourite bands and are passionate about music in general, so connecting the two has illuminating for many people. That’s very rewarding as an author.”

Steve Jones will be conducting a seminar on Brand Like a Rock Star at Vivendi at 12.30pm on Friday, 16 December, presented by the Caymanian Compass. Tickets are free, but you must register at


The book has created quite a stir in business and music circles. – – Photo: Submitted

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