Editorial for 20 December: Liquor plans up to lawmakers

Bar owners can breathe a sigh of relief with the passage of
a change to Cayman’s Music and Dancing Law that will allow the Liquor Licensing
Board of Grand Cayman to let music and dancing proceed outside normal hours.

That is if board members approve their requests to extend
those hours, specifically this year as New Year’s Eve falls on Saturday.

The current law doesn’t allow music and dancing between
midnight Saturday/Sunday and Monday.

Without the law or board approval, establishments that sell
liquor and offer dancing would have to close before the New Year even gets

But the decision is still up to the board members.

For that, we say shame on the Members of the Legislative
Assembly. They should have had the political will to say yes or no to extended
bar hours themselves instead of putting it on the shoulders of the Liquor
Licensing Board.

We also have to wonder why the MLAs took this matter under
consideration at this late hour. We have to agree with North Side MLA Ezzard
Miller that the fact New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday this year shouldn’t
have come as a surprise to anyone. Most of the calendars in the Cayman Islands
cover a full year, including New Year’s Eve.

There is no reason this issue should have been broached as
an emergency in the hallowed halls of the Legislative Assembly.

While board members are making their decisions on who may
and may not stay open past midnight on New Year’s Eve and into the New Year,
they will have to consider the noise level of the music.

Their decision will be based on the condition that the music
will not be heard beyond the boundaries of the property on which it is being

We believe the members of the Liquor Licensing Board have
been dealt an unfair hand; the decision of whether nightclubs and bars should
be able to remain open past midnight so revellers may ring in the New Year
should have been made by the people we elected to make the laws of the Cayman

As it stands now, the elected members won’t be held
accountable for the board’s decision.



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