Central Planning Authority approvals

The Central Planning Authority approved a number of projects during its meeting held 9 November, subject to various requirements stipulated by the Authority. Here are some of the most significant proposals the Authority approved:

Richard Flowers: Take-out restaurant, sign and six-foot chain link fence

Cost: $150,000

Building Area: 520 square feet

Parcel Area: 1.25 acres

Location: Sound Way, George Town

Beach Suites Investments Ltd.: Addition to Hemingway’s Restaurant

Cost: $100,000

Building Area: 407 square feet

Parcel Area: 1.842 acres

Location: Hemingway’s Restaurant on West Bay Road

Cayman Shores Development Ltd.: Car park

Cost: $50,000

Building Area: 11,641.7 square feet

Parcel Area: 0.377 acres

Location: Off North Church Street between Royal Watler Terminal and the Little Liquor Store

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