Time for an empowerment council

Dear Madam Editor, please allow me to use this opportunity to thank all those who were concerned and expressed their concern (including you and your staff) after hearing I had been injured by a gunshot to my right leg. In particular I want to thank the administration and staff at the George Town Hospital for their care and professionalism; especially Dr. Shaker and Austin Harris and Gilbert McLean from the Rooster morning talk show. The efforts of my family members I will continue to thank privately. Of course I never imagined that something of this nature would ever have happened to me. I am aware that there are rumours on the Marl Road and on the blogs postulating every possible explanation for my injury; but I have lived too long in this colony of everything, to pay attention to what people say or do not say.

Of course Madam Editor, I am that person that never runs away from a situation but instead analyses it and tries to make it work for the good of more people than myself. Since every happening opens our eyes to what we might not have seen before, I would like to ask you if you think it was wrong for that reporter who gained entrance into the emergency area of the George Town Hospital where I was being treated, to make pictures of me in the situation I was seen to be in on the front page of the Caymanian Compass. And for the Compass newspaper to publish that picture even after I told the young reporter he was not to publish any of the photos he had obtained and he had promised me they would not be published.

Madam Editor, is there no time a person is entitled to privacy? I may be a former MLA but I am not a holder of any office at this present time. Plus most people do not care what happens to me and some would love only to see me dead. Of course you might say that my picture on the front page helps to demonstrate even a greater need for the establishment of a police state to protect even those like myself who are against a colonial police state. After thinking of this Madam, please remind the police that if someone was able to enter the hospital emergency room and illegally take pictures of me that same someone or some other person for that matter may have been able to enter and to shoot me; this time in the head and I would now be dead.

I said to the police from the outset that what were important to me were my health and my life. I have no idea if this leads them to suspect me of some criminal act, which then lead them to search my house, yard and car which they removed to the police station. At the police station things were stolen from my car; in particular my very expensive brown leather jacket from Arabus. At the police station, the back windows of my car were left open, allowing rain to fall inside on the leather seats. And when I was told I could pick my car up I sent someone to get it only for him not to be able to drive it away because the transmission, which had been working until it was taken by the police, was then unwilling to work.

Madam Editor at present I cannot walk or drive and I am in a lot of pain. The police keep asking for a statement as if I have not already given them statements. Why, because the police do not trust me or like me? Well that was obvious years ago! And they have their reasons but then why should I assume they will look out for my health and my life better than I will? Perhaps this letter says more about what is so lacking in our society than we wish to admit. So Madam Editor I guess I should I not have trusted that young reporter when he said he would not publish any of those pictures? Nor the Police when they take so poor care of my property to take good care of my person; better care than I myself can do? I just pray that this letter will not mean more retribution from those who think I just need to go away from this colony where everything is nothing and nothing is everything. What I consider to be a positive note however, is that I will now actively attempt to establish a Central George Town Empowerment Council to assist those that are dis-empowered. This is not an idea pulled from the sky but a recommendation, which will now be submitted to the Ministry of Youth after several months of participatory research on their behalf.

Frank McField

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  1. Sooo…

    Our good Dr. Frank is again the victim but…

    In the meantime, let’s keep ourselves in the public and political limelight.

    When Cayman will ever stop being taken in by these ruses of his, only heaven knows !

  2. Well Dr. McField,

    You must always have a family member at the bedside because the hospital bed is a very vulnerable position to be in as a politician former or present. Cayman is different now everybody wants to make a story at someone else’s expense.Ask cousin Steve to take the case.

  3. This letter was very confused to me. Why would Dr Frank wonder why his being shot in the leg not news worthy? It seems many others were wrong in this situation but was his gunshot to the leg an act of God? I certainly wish nothing ill toward Dr Frank but need to have him honestly explain this situation for me to regain some trust in him.

  4. So that they can remain politically relevant…and play ‘British police and against locals’ politics with the easily fooled and naive in their neighbourhood.

    Pleeeaasee…even the Central George Town crew bigger than that now…

    If one of them had shot him…he’d be dead now…not trying to use his Empowerment Council trick to regain what he’s addicted to…which is political power.

    Read this letter again very carefully…and understand what has really happened here.