Coach Brown’s gone

Cayman Islands Football’s Technical Director Carl Brown has left the island after a four-year stint in charge of the programme. Brown is in Miami where he has a house with his wife and will look for another coaching job in the new year.

Brown said: “I left by mutual agreement. My contract wasn’t renewed partly because of financial restraints. I’m hoping to get a job in Jamaica working in youth development.”

Brown, 61, was Jamaica’s national coach five times and was the first team coach when they reached the World Cup Finals in France in 1998. Overall, Brown was satisfied with the legacy he left in the Cayman Islands.

““I was a bit disappointed because the national team could have done a little better. I hope it continues in the right direction. There are a lot of good prospects, including the two youngsters who are in England with Forest Green Rovers, the Bodden Town players Luigi Hernandez and Theron Wood. I also think players like Matthew Suberan and Jorronie McLean have excellent futures.”


  1. Brown was satisfied with the legacy he left in the Cayman Islands The man can’t even be honest upon his exit. He won 2 games in 4 years!!!!!!! Brown has no legacy.

  2. Well now that thats over we have proven part time football does not work.We can have the best fields and the best coaches but the fact of the matter is we can not afford a full time football team and that is the truth the dreamers think we can they think Cayman has a money tree growing some where but the facts are there to see.We can’t afford this big dream.

  3. There’s many in trhe Cayman football fraternity that will not admit that the game in Cayman died 20 years ago when the current CIFA executive took over the running of football.

    And it had not been perfect before that time either but it had been competitive and of good quality up until about 1995.

    Carl Brown resigning from the job as coach in Cayman will neither hurt nor help football in Cayman, as that game does not exist, as the rest of the world
    knows it.

    The parents of Cayman’s best young footballers can use the current system in place to get their talented young players in the showcase for the professional football club’s academies out here in England, where the clubs are always looking for young talent…

    And begin to get their children started in a professional football career, if that is what they want but…

    They should not be taken in by CIFA’s myth of the Cayman Islands being involved or capable of competing in international football in any meaningful way.

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