Man shot at club

Royal Cayman Islands Police are investigating an early morning shooting reported at Club Seven along West Bay Road.

According to witnesses, the shooting occurred around 3am Wednesday just outside the club. Two men were hit by gunfire and were transported to hospital.

RCIPS officers said a firearm was recovered at the scene and one person was in custody.

All of the persons involved are still at George Town Hospital undergoing treatment for injuries which were received during the incident.

Police are seeking the assistance of any persons who may have been present at the club and who may have witnessed the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call RCIPS Tip-Line on 949-7777

wishing to provide information but would like to remain anonymous are
asked to use CRIME STOPPERS at 800-8477 (TIPS) or leave an online tip by
clicking here.


Club Seven

Police and crime scene techs investigate the scene outside Club Seven. – Photo: Brent Fuller

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  1. Ohhhh, so it’s the bars fault that someone got shot.

    Not the criminals who have guns?

    It is absolutely not the bars fault. If these individuals wanted to stay up late drinking, they could very well do that, out in groups. And the same thing would happen.

    Ever try to drive through Bodden town on a friday night? The roads are full of people. Has nothing to do with bars.

  2. While the person who pulled the trigger is ultimately responsible for their actions and will be the one who, hopefully, appears in court, you can’t just absolve everyone else from any responsibility. This is the trick used by the gun lobby in America to persuade people that they should keep their phallic replacements…sorry, guns.

    It isn’t my experience that the vast majority of tourists to Cayman want to drink to the early hours of the morning and most of these clubs cater for the local trade. There is simply no need other than the greed of the bar owners for clubs to be open this late and by doing so and perpetuating what is already a long drinking day they must take some responsibility, however small, for what goes on when their customers are involved in these incidents.

    I would also point to the increasing moral bankruptcy of the Caymanian people who seem to think the world owes them a living and seem to forget that if the world decided to go elsewhere with its banking and its tourists they would be back hunting for turtles to live on. The way some of them bring up their young and the way that some other immigrants from nearby jurisdictions are allowed to bring their violent ways with them is nothing short of appalling.

    Yes, hopefully the gunman (or woman!) will be caught and will spend the rest of their life in Northwood while the rest of Caymanian society sinks lower and lower.

  3. Opening and closing hours has absolutely nothing to do with this…this could have happened at any time of night, almost anywhere, bar, nightclub…or just standing on a street corner.

    What needs to be addressed is the lax attitude towards nightclub security…both by the establishment owners and the police, because…

    Cayman is a tourist destination and historically, security was handled with a more ‘hands off’ approach so as not to offend or discourage visitors from going out for a night on the town.

    Things have changed drastically since those days and just sitting by and hoping for the situation to get better by itself…

    Is only helping it to get worse.

  4. Utter rubbish… of course it is linked to bars/clubs, drink the the extended availability of drink.
    Just check back and see how many violent attacks – shootings and knife attacks – have been carried out in and around these clubs, particularly after the more decent premises have long closed.
    And if you think Cayman is capable of mounting serious security at these types of venues then, again, you are mistaken.

    Cayman needs to make sure that alcohol is not available for these extended hours or if they are, every bar / club open after midnight MUST have to install a knife arch/metal detector, have full CCTV in and around the club, particularly the car park and the entrance (which needs to be fully lit) and employ only security staff fully vetted and registered with a competent authority.

    You will never eliminate violent crime but you can do so much to reduce it and the explosive mix between alcohol and violence is the ideal place to start.

  5. Obviously, the only part of my comments that you consider ‘utter rubbish’ is where I’ve said extended hours has nothing to do with this shooting at a nightclub.

    You then go on to elaborate on how nightclub security can be beeefed up…or properly established, which is the main gist of my commentary.

    Ask your friends in the RCIPS what they’ve done with the Private Security Law, which they have the responsibility and authority to implement to establish a proper private security industry in Cayman, which the country now badly needs…

    But wait…no need to ask them…I can tell you already,

    Absolutely NOTHING, except give out licences to their ‘partners’ to continue to monopolise the security industry in Cayman.

    Nightlife in Cayman is there to stay; its utter rubbish to suggest closing down establishments, denying licences and catering to the religious element in Cayman for closing all places of entertainment when an incident like this takes place.

    Most of these incidents usually start in the clubs because of lax, unprofessional security that does nothing to nip the problem in the bud…

    Which would do a lot to prevent what happens outside afterwards.