Don’t complain without solutions

So often what we say about others comes back to haunt us.

Take the USA elections as an example. So much is being said about those who wish to replace President Obama that it is more and more obvious that he should be given a second term.

Then he has Michelle. For many he will get their votes because any man with a lady like her for a help meet deserves to be president.

Now, back a yard, we have our Premier and his key investor. There is talk that he is only doing things to be re-elected. Duh. Is that not what all politicians do?

The point is, the MLA who does the most for their people will be re-elected. Then he has Mr. Dart. Some say he wants to take over Cayman.
I may be wrong about this, but I thought we were still a colony of Great Britain and even if someone owns 80 per cent of Cayman, our government cannot change unless the Crown gives the OK.

Any violence will make any investors’ investments devalue greatly, so it is in their best interest to keep our three Islands peaceful and prosperous.

The bottom line is – if some of us do not like certain potential decisions, then give us a better alternative, now.

Do not wait until the contract is about to be signed like the port. This port has been debated through many changes of MLAs.

Now the dump. OK, to those would-be or present MLAs, if you want our vote tell us. If not Bodden Town where? Maybe East End or North Side. How about the central wetlands or dredging up a bow in the North Sound to bury garbage, which could damage our underground water supply and burning could release noxious fumes into the air.

What would I do? Put a huge pipe into the water more than 2,000 feet and what is not deposited on the ocean floor, the currents will disperse. Crazy idea; at least I have one and I’m not the one government is paying many, many of our dollars to find a good site.

OK, no dumping in Bodden Town; so where?

Clive A Christian


  1. I doubt seriously Mr. Dart would even recognize McKeeva at a party. My understanding is that he has been investing in Cayman for 20 plus years through several different political leaders. Bush may be trying to capitalize on Mr. Dart’s interests and investments in Cayman, but I seriously doubt Mr. Dart is influenced by any of these so-called sophisticated politicos and their self-serving ways.

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