Marsha fires Flames past Stars

Marsha Campbell is a newcomer to Cayman netball but she recently made a big splash.

Campbell provided much of the scoring for the Flames Strikers in their 34-31 victory over All Stars B. The Truman Bodden Sports Complex netball court match was part of last Saturday’s double-header in the Cayman Islands Netball Association 2012 open league.

Campbell states the win was far from a given.

“If we didn’t turn it around, it would have been a game to forget,” Campbell said. “It’s a big win for us and we appreciate the wins. This is only my second game with the team and I thank God for the victory.”

Flames maintained a lead the entire match. The Strikers were ahead 11-6, 10-9, 8-4 and 9-8 during the four quarters. Campbell had help offensively from Latoya Nixon (Goal Attack), Sheana Nairne (Wing Attack) and Squiddy McGarvey (Centre). The rest of the line-up saw Cameika Richards (Wing Defence), Feona Plumer (Goal Defence), Rushell Webb (Goal Keeper) with Glenita Logan, Denecia Cranston, Seon Thompson, Nicole Biggs and Vanessa Holness as subs.

The victory puts the rookie Flames at 2-2 and in line for a top four finish. Their next game is on Thursday, 1 March, against Rising Stars A at 6.30pm.

AS had chances to take over the game but lacked execution. Their line-up consisted of Karen Smith-James (GS), Tishelle Logan (GA), Rashana Singh (WA), Charlotte Shepard (C), Sheynae Watson (WD), Megan Hurlston (GD), Benecia Mullings (GK) with Martika Williams, Kristina Watler, Marsha Ailen and Sarah Ramsey as subs.

While AS are B division frontrunners, their record is only 2-3. Players like Smith-James feel there is room for improvement.

“If the team played together, it would have been a better result,” Smith-James said. “We need to be out to training more as a team. We got to work on our passes and ensure 
things develop.”