Editorial for 01 March: Theft of dump signs wrong

Whether the new landfill should be in Bodden Town or
elsewhere on Grand Cayman will be debated until something is done – either
action or inaction.

People will argue their beliefs, which is what should happen
in any democracy. To those who are passionate about the issue, there is a right
answer and a wrong answer, depending on which side of the fence they are

Banter about the issue should continue until a solution is

What should not have happened, though, is the theft of
‘Don’t Dump on Bodden Town’ signs that lined the roadway in that village.

The people who don’t want the landfill in Bodden Town have
the right to post signs stating their beliefs, just as the people on South
Sound Road have the right to have signs saying they don’t want canals.

The signs in both cases had to be purchased and permission
from homeowners received to put them in people’s yards.

Whoever took the signs – and people can only speculate who
did the deed because there were no eyewitnesses – essentially went on private
property and stole.

The Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free filed a report
with the police about the thefts, but is asking those who had the signs in
their yards to also contact police to make reports of theft.

Members now have made plans to hold a fundraiser to recoup
the cost of the signs and have new ones made.

This time members should abide by the rules and get Planning
Department permission before erecting the new signs, which they failed to do
the first time.

But whether they have planning permission or not, theft of
the signs – or anything for that matter – is wrong and isn’t squelching the
coalition’s assertive tone that there should be no dump in Bodden Town.

If anything, the thefts have brought more attention to the
group and given them another reason to raise their voice in opposition.