Prison officer takes beating for ganja

A prison officer was assaulted on by a prisoner while trying to intercept drugs that were thrown over the prison’s fence on 27 February at Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward in Grand Cayman, according to Prison Director Dwight Scott.

He elaborated on the circumstances surrounding the incident: “A prison officer intercepted a white plastic bag he saw being thrown over the prison fence on the 27th of February,” Mr. Scott said. “The officer was assaulted by a prisoner who attempted to prevent him from taking hold of the contraband.

“The officer managed to still retrieve the item and summoned assistance,” Mr. Scott said.

The prison director also said the bag contained vegetable matter resembling ganja and was handed over to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

A homemade jammer or ice pick, known as a shank in prison culture, was also retrieved from the prisoner. The prison officer’s injuries were not serious.

Mr. Scott said the prison and the police are dealing with the matter. Upon review, officials will determine whether or not the inmate will be charged with a crime.

“This is one of the occupational hazards our guards face, unfortunately, and they are always exposed to that level of danger,” Mr. Scott said. “They have to rely on their training and experience when in these situations. It is difficult, but we will not relent in our efforts to intercept any contraband coming into the prison.”

Mr. Scott said ganja is the main drug the prison has to deal with. He said during a separate incident recently, one person was apprehended after being observed on Close Circuit Television while attempting to lob drugs over the prison fence.

That individual has since been prosecuted and sentenced. He is serving his sentence at HMP at Northward.


  1. Weather or not charges will be filed. Are you kidding charge 1 shank charge 2 assaulting officer charge 3 ganja drugs in prison. It apears the prisoner has not learned from his mistakes. Make an example of him and the person that threw the drugs over the fence if caught.

  2. Yes, of course there must be an investigation. We don’t have the full story.

    That inmate’s lawyer better get CCTV footage…….we are on the outside and we know in every system some officer/s are usually involved with drugs in prisons, directly or indirectly.

    Who knows, with all the money spent on inmates maybe the inmate was involved in preventing a crime. We can accept the report that he used a weapon, but was it his?

    Granted we can draw so much negative inference about the inmate, afterall he is a convicted criminal. But I still believe it’s so important to look at the evidence and remember persons in prison are not always the guilty parties in such incidents.

    Also, good opportunity for distraction re recent incident of finding ganja in an office there though…… suspensions yet! In my opinion, if the director/deputy were British/Caymanian (native) they would be gone by now.

    SMH…… bad enough that yes we have to worry about increase in criminal activity but no one wants to accept what certain crimes should be under better control/eliminated. Hope Mr. Scott is not hinting for an increase in salaries for his officers, CIG is broke they say. lol

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