Bush alleges opposition party ‘corruption’

Premier goes on offensive

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Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush said Thursday that he had sent or would send three separate letters to the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission alleging breaches by three opposition politicians.
One letter, which Mr. Bush sent to commission chairman David Baines, dealt with allegations regarding East End MLA Arden McLean. Mr. Bush said Mr. McLean – as former minister of Works and Infrastructure in charge of government’s negotiations with Caribbean Utilities Company over the country’s electricity contract – “admitted he had not paid his electric bill for more than a year”.
“I would ask that his matter be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission,” Mr. Bush said. “Why was his electrical bill not paid for more than a year?”

The letter to Mr. Baines stated that this occurred during the course of government’s negotiations with CUC and opined that it could amount to a “conflict of interest”. 
Mr. McLean, responding to Mr. Bush’s allegations on Friday, said he had paid his light bill and that the premier’s accusations simply didn’t add up.
“Does it make sense that CUC can waive my bill during negotiation and we will still raise their rate?” he said.
Mr. McLean said he had some disputes with CUC over the cost of his home’s electricity bills, but said that has since been resolved.
“We had discussions about how much the bill was, but I have always had to pay my bills. Is this the best McKeeva can do?”
In addition to the letter regarding Mr. McLean, Mr. Bush said Thursday he would also file complaints with the Anti-Corruption Commission making separate claims against Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin and North Side MLA Ezzard Miller. He did not provide specifics on either matter because “we are still gathering all the facts”.
Mr. McLaughlin said Friday that he had no idea what the allegations against him were about, but stated Mr. Bush was “scrambling about desperately” in the wake of a two-year long criminal investigation that had been brought against him. In addition, Mr. McLaughlin said the premier appeared to be upset that the opposition leader had alleged corruption against Mr. Bush with regard to his providing some $200,000 to $250,000 in funds for public projects in East End at the request of a political candidate and not elected MLA Arden McLean.
Mr. Miller also filed a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Commission about the United Democratic Party agreement with the Dart group of companies that has provided some $5 million in funds for various public projects.
“That’s what sparked all of this,” Mr. McLaughlin said, referring to the complaints made by the opposition and Mr. Miller. “What the Premier has never spoken about openly is the now two-year ongoing criminal investigation against him. These latest allegations are merely a claim to deflect attention from those issues.”
Last year, the Caymanian Compass first reported that a financial crimes investigation was proceeding against Mr. Bush over payments he allegedly received in relation to a private developer’s purchase of some land along West Bay Road. Mr. Bush said the payments were part of a “real estate bill” he sent to Atlanta, Georgia-based developer Stan Thomas. The Premier has denied any wrong doing in connection with the incident.
‘Ultra vires’
Premier Bush also alleged that the country’s opposition party was operating ‘ultra vires’ – outside the law – with regard to Cayman’s 2009 Constitution Order.
“They like to talk about process, but ask them where is their process?” Mr. Bush said Thursday night to a group of supporters in Bodden Town. “The Constitution says there must be a deputy leader of the opposition, but they can’t afford to put Arden as deputy leader and they know if they try to put somebody else in they will have problems.”
Mr. Bush said Thursday that there appears to be a split within the opposition People’s Progressive Movement party, where Mr. McLean is “doing whatever Ezzard {Miller} tells him to do” and Mr. McLaughlin, the opposition leader, is “leading from the back”.
Mr. McLaughlin said neither claim was true.
“We’re not ultra vires anything,” he said. “The Constitution permits the appointment of a deputy leader. In the fullness of time, all of that will occur.
“The PPM is focused now on preparing to take over the government [following the May 2013 elections]. There’s no infighting in our organisation. We have the issues that any ordinary political party has.”

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  1. Does Alden McLaughlin own CNS or does CNS own him?
    We need to know what is the tie that binds these two separate parties, CNS and Alden McLaughlin, they are too close for comfort.

    Is he a shareholder? who else is?

    Its time you investigate all these kettles cursing the pot.

  2. Liverpool, Funny you mention that, it’s blatantly obvious that that the writers, editors or whomevers in charge of what the CNS prints are not a neutral party. I have noticed plenty of times that everything they write about the UDP is outlined to intentional put a negative spin on it. I’ve also noticed that any comment I attempt to post out there that says anything positive about the UDP or Bush is never printed. What they do is edit and screen their comments to make it seem like the majority of Caymanian share their views. I actually tested this theory by posting two comments out there at the same time one praising the UDP’s efforts and another condemning their efforts, yet only the later one made it to print, I then posted the exact same words but this time praising the PPM with the second one condemning them and only the pro PPM comment made it to print.

    This type of public manipulation by new reporting agency to is a disgrace to everyone in News industry everywhere.

    I commend the Cayman Compass for just delivering the news and letting people form their own opinions.

    Editor’s note: Thanks, NJ2Cay

  3. Dear N2Cay,

    Public manipulation is bad enough, but these people over there are just simply taking things way too far and as a result the people in this country are divided and way too much hatred is existing amongst locals. That forum seems to be a war zone, it is a shame.
    They are also turning very good Caymanians against each other.
    I think they are not going to be around very much longer this seems to be a trend where news media lose it they dwindle away.

  4. You may be right Liverpool, But I have a feeling that they will be around for a long time because there’s always a market for rubbish. There are Newspapers all over the US that print trash, they are called Tabloids and that’s exactly what the CNS is. You can only take what you read there with a grain of salt

  5. Theoretically there may be a new sheriff in town that the PPM tabloids may have to deal with in the near future.
    As I see it, they’re tampering with the wrong people who are proven to be very influential in swinging the way people vote at the polls from left to right and even the center. Social interference can force hard nosed influential independents to put their support behind people like the premier and even endorse Dart who after all is a Caymanian against whom Caymanians are protesting where his development projects proposals are concerned. Since this is the case, the Premier could very well be returned to the L.A. or Mr. Truman Bodden, former LOG, and the PPM be defeated once again.
    There are some that are very skillful with the pen in hand and when you tamper with a bee hive you get stung.
    I think the tables are going to be turned very soon and the opposition is losing support.
    It makes no sense supporting a political party and their tabloid platform if they are going to kick you in the face. They are making it even harder for the Independent member in N. Side, and Arden McLean in East End. This tabloid is going too far and is hurting the PPM instead of helping them.

    The fat lady just sang and its over for some, and its the beginning for the UDP believe it or not. Had they taken another route things would have worked out but to operate in an underhanded manner is a death warrant to any political party seeking re-election with the help of an aggressive tabloid.
    It’s over.
    If I were Mr. Truman Bodden I’d get in the race, enjoy a landslide victory…. and make a difference, ’cause the mud slinging is not what voters are interested in coming from these two parties.
    People need full time jobs, a career for professional Caymanians, Law Students need to be articled as clerks in the law firms. Maybe you can open up a firm or dedicate a section of your former firm to accommodate those struggling and need a position as an articled clerk. The PPM leader is an attorney what is he doing to help them? NOTHING He just wants to be premier. Not good enough I’m afraid.
    At least Truman Bodden, former LOG can balance the Public Purse even with a dunk.

    We need something different.
    Since McKeeva don’t want to be premier anymore.It makes more sense to look towards Mr. Truman Bodden.
    He’s duly qualified that we can not debate.

  6. NJ2Cay

    Could not possibly agree more with you. I hardly ever read CNS anymore, its an opinion shaping campaign, not news. Reading compass is a breath of fresh air and their articles and opinion pieces are fair. I’ve also noticed CNS seems to be very US/UK type liberal ideology where it will cast negative light on anything resembling conservatism. Seem the extreme media bias has finally reached Cayman.

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