Tiki Beach set to 
rock for Nathan

Tiki Beach will hold a fundraiser on Saturday, 10 March to raise money to help fund the ongoing search for missing teaching assistant Nathan Clarke.

Suite Elite will play at the event, which will also feature a buffet dinner, as well as prizes to be raffled.

Brendan Coates, event coordinator at Tiki Beach on Seven Mile Beach, says Nathan is well-known and well-liked at Tiki Beach, as he had worked at Resort Sports, the water sports business based at Tiki, before joining the staff at Cayman Prep last year.

“Lots of our staff know him,” Brendan says. “We’re taking this on as a family approach. We’ve donated our jeeps for the land searches and donated our boats for the water search.”

On Saturday, the fundraiser will kick off at about 6pm. The buffet dinner will begin at 7.30pm. Suite Elite will hit the stage about 9pm.

Entry costs $15.

Friends and family of 31-year-old Nathan, who went missing about 8.30pm on Saturday, 25 February from outside Calico Jack’s on Seven Mile Beach, established the Find Nathan Fund to help pay for expenses involved in the search.

To make reservations or for more information, call 326-4819/326-4811.