Editorial for 12 March: Fair and balanced reporting necessary

 The upcoming 2013 elections will be hotly contested, to say
the least.

We at the Caymanian Compass expect a fair bit of rancour and
bitter attacks swinging back and forth during the next 14 to 15 months – just
look at today’s front page if you doubt it.

Given the nature of politics in the Cayman Islands today,
and the importance of next year’s vote to the territory, we feel it is more
important than ever for this newspaper to remain as balanced and fair as
possible in reporting, particularly in covering political events.

We reserve the right to editorial comment in this space, but
we vow to ensure our news pages will be kept as free of bias as is humanly

We encourage our readers, both in print and online at
www.cayCompass.com, to weigh in. Point out any areas you think should be
mentioned that we haven’t; draw our attention to reporting that you believe may
have a slant.

Some politically-minded folk may believe that “fair and
balanced” reporting equals covering their side of the situation and nothing
else. That’s not going to happen here. It can’t. This next vote is too crucial
to the future of the Cayman Islands.

We also vow to continue in our letters to the editor and
also in website comments to err on the side of allowing as much free comment as
possible, even if that comment is offensive or would seem unfair to some
readers. As long as it is not defamatory or otherwise illegal, we aim to give
people as much access to present their views as possible. Remember, you can
always disagree with a comment or letter to the editor – it won’t hurt our

The Compass appreciates readers who wrote to our website
during this past weekend thanking us for “just reporting the news”. That’s our
aim in the upcoming year or so in the run up to May 2013.



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