GOAP gets LEED Silver

The new Government Administration Building has earned a Silver Rating in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the US Green Building Council.

The LEED-Silver certification was awarded based on the Elgin Avenue building’s sustainable features, including minimising the use of resources and energy needed for operation.

“It is important that government leads by example and it is our responsibility to design our headquarters as a high performance, energy-efficient building that requires less water, and energy as well as reduces the operational cost substantially from prior levels,” Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said. The building was the first project in the Cayman Islands to receive basic LEED certification, and the Silver designation is further recognition of the building’s green design.

“It has concentrated on minimising energy and water intake and waste output, while maximising recycling and environmental quality,” said Jim Scott, project manager. “It uses about 45 per cent less energy than typical existing and old US offices, and about 20 per cent less energy than typical new US offices.”

Mr. Scott said the building has the lowest electricity bill per square foot of any commercial office in Cayman.


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