Consistency is key to success

No doubt about it, consistency is one of the universal secrets to success, especially if the goal is weight reduction and improved physical fitness.

Sure, we’d like to believe that one walk weekly will suffice; after all, it’s a busy world, and who’s got time for more.

Realistically, however, we know that limited effort equals limited results. What we do day after day counts.

I recently encountered a busy Caymanian friend, a man, who was stirring up the dust along South Sound Road and proudly told me that he takes daily three-mile walks, has lost just about 40 pounds and feels great.

He was not a man to even consider such radical behaviour not so very long ago. His response to my curiosity about what inspired him to now do what he has long known to do was personal and enlightening. Time is marching on for all of us, and excess weight can indeed be an early death warrant.

How can consistency help us reduce weight? Every walk counts, every salad ordered makes a difference, each time you say no to fattening foods is a step in consistency.

Choose the steps you would like to take to improve your health and waistline, set your intention and consistently apply yourself.

This gentleman shared that he started walking with a friend shortly after experiencing his moment of enlightenment and began to set and achieve new goals for himself in the distances he was able to cover.

With scheduling challenges getting in the way of the buddy system, our South Sound walker determined to take it upon himself to walk consistently on his own, and has succeeded.

By increasing distances gradually and applying a ‘stick-to-it” mentality, his success is a delight to see.

Consistency in your efforts will bring the results you desire. Consistency is a principle used in everyday life to achieve a desired end.

When the goal is weight loss, this principle is a proven essential tool for success.

Consistency works.

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