Sisters must give support

This week’s column is dedicated to all women everywhere who needs support on her journey.

To fully appreciate who we are as women, we may need to begin to get back to the basics of supporting other women and helping one another with our challenges and to reach our full potential. To those out there who have found that inner peace and serenity and skills to cope, we need to share this with our counterparts.

I read an editorial the other day from a lady who wrote that ‘no one was going to get into her skin and live her life for her’ and that inspired me so much. It is so true! Sometimes I wish I could just breathe life into some of my women friends and acquaintances and inspire the ones filled with hurt, anger and defeat to just go out there and make their mark. Be who you wanted to be when you were that hopeful teenager or little girl.

It is so much easier to criticise other women or try to tear them down when most probably we are just filled with jealousy over the same thing that we are criticising. Certain things like judgment, envy, criticism are just cover up emotions for the real problem. Why not just celebrate them or ask them for pointers about how to get you to where you want to be if it seems that they have the formula.

You see women, there are some things that men cannot understand or appreciate about us and we can only do that for ourselves and vice versa of course. A day without girlfriends to chat with or complain to or save the world with is a very lonely day on this Earth. We need this to relate; we yearn for this and nothing else can ever replace this.

Those of us who have sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, God mothers, daughters, nieces and the list goes on; we know that without that force in our lives we would be half the woman we are today.

I remember the time when women stood together supporting one another. I grew up surrounded by my mother’s friends who gave me rides, lunch money, lots of great advice, mentored me and even chastised or disciplined me when that was needed as well. My mom, as other people my age can probably appreciate, worked long, hard hours as a single mother and the help from these awesome ladies was necessary and much appreciated.

This past weekend I overheard a man say something very derogatory about women with his wife sitting right beside him and my heart was almost shattered. He went on to say “women can’t rule the world; they are too emotional and fickle minded”. I almost turned around to correct him and thought better of it seeing the times that we live in but more importantly wanted to tell his wife that I was sorry that this is what she hears in her ear enough to probably believe it.

Men, we do not want to rule the world; at least not without your help, but more importantly I think men and women alike can all appreciate that women contribute some very valuable things on this Earth and need to be respectful of each other.

So ladies bearing this in mind lets get back into each other’s corners and help one another by uplifting that woman at work, school, or even next door. Does she need any help or are we just so busy living that we forget about our fellow sisters on the journey? As we help each other to become self-assured and secure we begin to create that utopia.

Ladies, we can begin by being the change that we want to see and help the world to see women as they are; strong, beautiful, talented, smart, kind, good and able to rule the world! Or maybe not!

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Catherine Tyson is the author of I’m Somebody’s Mama and host of the Lighten Up Show With Catherine Tyson on Cayman 27.