Caymanian cast in Cats

A young Caymanian who has been making his presence felt on the international theatre scene is now appearing in Cats, a highly celebrated and respected musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

Paul Knights was born in Grand Cayman in 1980. He attended the St. Ignatius Catholic School and Cayman Prep before moving on to boarding school, where he became involved in drama. 

“One of the things they did while in school in England was The Tempest. They ended up taking that show to Los Angeles,” says Paul’s mother, Jill Knights, who is credited as one of the founding members of the Cayman Islands Drama Society. 

She says that after high school, Paul went on to Edinburgh University where he studied medical microbiology, “but he wanted to follow his passion, which has always been the stage.” 

To this end, Paul attended Arts Educational School in London on scholarship to undergo courses in relation to acting, singing and dancing. After completing the three-year degree, he received a bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre for Professional Use. He has since been in productions such as Pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk and West Side Story. 

The actor’s biggest break came while in Cologne, Germany, where he participated in We Will Rock You.  

Currently, Knights is in a principal role in Cats, which ran in Germany for one year and just recently opened in Vienna. 

“He was very musical as a child,” says Mrs. Knights, who added that Paul was taught to play the piano by Hyancenth Rose, a highly regarded piano teacher in Grand Cayman.  

She says she was surprised her son is actually doing this as a career because he was so academically inclined.  

“But he is happy in his work and I am very proud of him,” she says. 

“ … [H]e wanted to follow his passion, which has always been the stage.” Jill Knights, mother