Students fill legislative roles

Twenty-three students representing public and private schools have what it takes to become leaders of the Cayman Islands. 

The group of 13 females and 10 males honed their debating skills as young parliamentarians earlier this week and brought forth motions concerning the environment.  

The proceedings witnessed the swearing in of youth parliamentarians as members of the Legislative Assembly, as well as seeing the appointment of a speaker, cabinet and ministerial serjeant-at-arms. 

The Cayman Islands Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, on Commonwealth Day, Monday, 12 March hosted the Fifth Youth Parliament at the Legislative Assembly in George Town. 

After opening remarks, parliamentarians were sworn in by youth governor Corey Christian.  

St. Ignatius’ Amber Caum filled the role as speaker, while fellow schoolmate Sydonie Barrett held the position as leader of the opposition.  

Justin Rodrigues filled the role as Cayman Islands Premier. 

The opposition presented a motion to ban the importation, possession and use of paraquat, a dangerous industrial herbicide. The motion failed. 

Meanwhile, the ruling government filed a motion to lessen the human footprint on the terrestrial and marine environment. It passed. 

Schools represented during the event included Clifton Hunter, Triple C, Grace Christian Academy, Montessori By the Sea, Youth Services and John Gray.  

The programme assists young people in learning about the democratic process. 

youth parliament day

Young parliamentarians rise for youth Speaker of the House Amber Caum. – Photos: Jewel Levy