Sairsingh battled all the way

Another great night of squash at the South Sound Squash Club for TeleCayman Team Squash League as teams settled into week 6 of an eight-week league.

The league runs every Thursday at 7.15pm until 29 March. This Thursday will be the last week of regular round robin play before the final playoff.

Sponsored teams for the Winter TeleCayman Team Squash League include; Team Aon, Team Sotheby’s International Realty, and two teams for KMPG, Team KPMG 1 and Team KPMG The other teams have been randomly named after a specific shot in the game of squash, Team Volley, Team Boast, Team Nick and Team Drive.

This week the TeleCayman top two matches were between Team Aon and Team KPMG 1 as they were the longest matches of the evening and one was decided in additional points.

The top match for week 6 was between substitute Aon player Barlo McLean and KPMG 1 player Gautam Ganeshan. Two of the five games were in extra points and every game was back and forth. The feisty McLean came out to set the tone whereby she was playing to win taking the first game 13-11. Rebounding and gaining valuable momentum was Ganeshan as he tied the match one all, however McLean quickly retaliated countering by winning the third. Leading the match 2-1 McLean just needed to secure the fourth, however Ganeshan had other plans. He fought back taking the fourth and finally after a very long fight by both players, Ganeshan took the fifth in an exciting finish 12-10.

The other top match also involved Team Aon and Team KPMG 1, between Janet Sairsingh and Miguel Lopez. Organiser and South Sound Squash Club Manager, Amanda Stark, picked this game to be riveting. Even though none of the games were decided in additional points, both players worked unbelievably hard to win the games they did. Sairsingh fired off with a hard fought win of the first game defeating Lopez 11/9. Similar to their teammates Barlo and Gautam, this match went back and forth with long rallies and great gets. Both players weren’t giving in as at two all, they entered into the fifth and deciding game with determined faces. The final game was close up until six all and then Janet decided enough was enough and enjoyed a string of points taking the fifth game 11/6. Sairsingh took the match for Team Aon 3-2 (11/9, 8/11, 11/9, 4/11, 11/6).